Sunday, January 30, 2011

Irony of sales pitch

I can sell anything, I have a proven record; I can sell comb to the bald; these statements are not unheard in the field some may have faced it, some may have said, some may have practised it. What exactly happens when a few make to the heights and a load of them actually just sulk inside the chair in the office; which is where they don’t even belong to?

I have heard funny theories for sales, just give whatever it takes and get the deal. You have to lie and once he is the customer we can figure that out later. If the deal does not go off you are in trouble!!! The deal would have gone well (your boss) if you would have told (irrelevant to the deal) him that (what? Even if that was about the weather in your home town) to put it simply there are two kinds of people who are in the sales field and stick for more time than others. The good ones and the bad ones.

The bad ones are the ones who can sell the comb to the bald, so basically they create the need for their product right? Actually no this is not how it goes, I tell you that “you are going to need this magic stick which glows in the dark when the electricity goes off, just keep it plugged to the socket”

U “I don’t need it, I have a backup generator”
I “Sir you know the increasing fuel prices, plus the time when you are yet to start, if something goes wrong, the kids might be playing on the stairs”
U “I don’t have stairs inside my house”
I “Sir this is on a special offer at a throw away price and you don’t want to be in the dark when things go black and you would like to save money”
U “Fine I will take it”

Problem is when he comes to know that the magic stick was the reason for the fuse to go off.

Persuasive, full crap, giving a high, needless of the use and required details this sells trust me even this sells you know why cause in general, all we concentrate is on; the first and third point, whereas there is so much more to know but we like it with the high. The product is sold the boss is happy that’s is the deal, this is a short term deal always remember the ones who lie and move forward I don’t deny they do, yes they do move up the ladder but only to a point cause after a point also comes responsibility, then there are serious decisions to be made and you don’t know what implications would that be on the market!! cause all you have done is either bitched about the other product or licked the customer to get your product sold  (pardon my language but you and I know it gets more messy in the field)

 What sells on and on; a complete in and out knowledge of the product, even if you made to get up in the middle of night you know the logics if not the actual way it works. Be honest to the customer make everything black and white and not grey (black and white is clear with understanding of how much you can bend, don’t lose your dignity and integrity, it is not being rude it is the clarity of thoughts) “Sir this is possible this is not possible; this can be done this cannot be done very straight; firm but tenderly” let the customer speak, crib, nag about everything that he knows; that is the key to final deal.

Patience have a lots of it cause once the deal is almost fixed let the excitement be there but just still and there; untill it is done and have the same excitement even after sales when the customer complains (even if it is his mistake) cause you would have been out of job if he did not return! Focus on the solution and not on the blame game, that you did it wrong and I did it right, try the solution and if it is your mistake fix it even if it is his mistake let him know about it subtly, so that he does not take you for a ride. Market intelligence is the best when from your customers and re check for soldering it for your reports.

Keep your words, if you said it you will do it make sure it happens. Don’t give false promises (cause words spoken and promises broken are remembered till eternity) have a personal touch with the customers, give your honest opinion when asked for help (even if that is lost sales) he would tell 10 different people to come to you and might turn back again to you when in conflict. Don’t change your brands like your clothes; it takes time to build a reputation within a company and you as a representative outside the company, think well before your caprice decisions. A bad sales person looks for change and growth; the good sales person always has an offer ready for him.

Try and resolve the issues and try to satisfy the existing customers before you have to move on to the new ones, your existing can be gold mines (in the worlds of sales) rather than the new ones coal mines. Don’t be afraid to say no if there is no possibility and you see no scope say no. Don’t use spanky words cause all that glitters is not gold communication to the best understandable form should be the way to process things. Always pick up the call even if that means giving the bad news or else tell them that you get back once you have and something and do get back either ways.


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