Friday, November 20, 2009

Everything that you hear is not true....2012

It all started off with two friends and a movie 2012 where the movie says the world is go na end.....ok i am listening, well the movie was awesome no doubts about it, I mean after years probably some movie which was so close realisation that I could feel the shivers down my spine but obviously if you have seen it in English, cause the the hindi has practically screwed the movie(my friends told me that I was the smart one went for the English hahahaha), now after the one should watch, movie we moved and surely the topic was the movie and the end, just trying to put some points, please try to think about it(yes you can).

Starting with the calendar just to start of the conversation stating a few facts or known facts infront of you to get the grounding work done. The mayans calendar and what it is well here is the answer. The Mayans had a very precise understanding of our solar system's cycles and believed that these cycles coincided with our spiritual and collective consciousness. The most significant of which has much to do with the 2012 prophecies, Never mind that the date for Armageddon was originally set as December 24, 2011. We now know that these events will occur at exactly 11:11 GMT on December 21 2012. Those Mayans really knew everything about astronomy, since their calendar consisted of 260-day periods, which we now know represents the true length of the solar year! According to the Mayan calendar, the "Great Cycle" equates with 5,125.36 years, which began on August 11, 3114 B.C. and ends in 2012, (got the idea and now what is the calendar about).

Honestly I had been reading so much about the 2012 issue, I mean anybody can go crazy I am not denying and nor am I accepting it, it is an information sent to my mind which I have set it on hold(will check you later types) but just to brief you about a few things have a look (why not giving in the specific details boss cause it is all over the net and this is a blog) The Mayans prophesied that from 1999 we have 13 years to realize the changes in our conscious attitude to stray from the path of self-destruction and instead move onto a path that opens our consciousness to integrate us with all that exists. The Mayans discovered that every grand cycle has its minor cycles, that carry the same characteristics. One galactic day of 25,625 years is divided into five cycles of 5,125 years. The first cycle is the galactic morning. When our solar system is just coming out of the darkness to enter the light. The second cycle is the mid-day. When our solar system is closest to the central light. The third cycle is the afternoon. When our solar system begins to come out of the light. The fourth cycle is the late-night. When our solar system has entered its furthest cycle from the central light. And the fifth and last cycle is night before dawn. The Mayan prophecy tells us that in 1999, our solar system began to leave the end of the fifth cycle which started in 3113 B.C. and that we find ourselves in the morning of our galactic day, exiting darkness and on the verge of being in plain day of our central galaxy in 2012. They say that at the beginning and end of these cycles, which is to say, every 5,125 years, the central sun or light of the galaxy emits a ray of light so intense and so brilliant that it illuminates the entire universe. It is from this burst of light that all of the Suns and planets sync. The Mayans compare this burst to the pulse of the universe, beating once every 5,125 years. It is these pulses that mark the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. Each pulse lasting 20 years, a KatĂșn. (now now now I guess that is a lot of mayan story lets check the others as well).

Sun Storms
Solar experts from around the world monitoring the sun have made a startling discovery: our sun is in a bit of strife. The energy output of the sun is, like most things in nature, cyclic, and it's supposed to be in the middle of a period of relative stability. However, recent solar storms have been bombarding the Earth with so much radiation energy, it's been knocking out power grids and destroying satellites. This activity is predicted to get worse, and calculations suggest it'll reach its deadly peak sometime in 2012

The Atom Smasher
Scientists in Europe have been building the world's largest particle accelerator. Basically its a 27km tunnel designed to smash atoms together to find out what makes the Universe tick. However, the mega-gadget has caused serious concern, with some scientists suggesting that it's properly even a bad idea to turn it on in the first place. They're predicting all manner of deadly results, including mini black holes. So when this machine is fired up for its first serious experiment in 2012, the world could be crushed into a super-dense blob the size of a basketball.(As if a basketball size can change the shape of the earth)

The Bible says...
If having scientists warning us about the end of the world isn't bad enough,religious folks are getting in on the act aswell. Interpretations of the Christian Bible reveal that the date for Armageddon, the final battle between Good an Evil, has been set down for 2012. The I Ching, also known as the Chinese book of Changes, says the same thing, as do various sections of the Hindu teachings(I don’t which one states but....)

Super Volcano
Yellowstone National Park in the United States is famous for its thermal springs and Old Faithful geyser. The reason for this is simple - it's sitting on top of the world's biggest volcano, and geological experts are beginning to get nervous sweats. The Yellowstone volcano has a pattern of erupting every 650,000 years or so, and we're many years overdue for an explosion that will fill the atmosphere with ash, blocking the sun and plunging the Earth into a frozen winter that could last up to 15,000 years. The pressure under the Yellowstone is building steadily, and geologists have set 2012 as a likely date for the big bang.(didn’t the movie show the same thing ha)

The Physicists
This one's case of bog-simple maths mathematics. Physicists at Berekely Uni have been crunching the numbers. and they've determined that the Earth is well overdue for a major catastrophic event. Even worse, they're claiming their calculations prove, that we're all going to die, very soon - while also saying their prediction comes with a certainty of 99 percent- and 2012 just happens to be the best guess as to when it occurs.

We all know the Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field that sheilds us from most of the sun's radiation. What you might not know is that the magnetic poles we call north and south have a nasty habit of swapping places every 750,000 years or so - and right now we're about 30,000 years overdue. Scientists have noted that the poles are drifting apart roughly 20-30kms each year, much faster than ever before, which points to a pole-shift being right around the corner. While the pole shift is underway, the magnetic field is disrupted and will eventually disappear, sometimes for up to 100 years. The result is enough UV outdoors to crisp your skin in seconds, killing everything it touches.(Dont you touch me)

Ok guys the world is go na End I agree, they are so many more things to tell you, that probably we would be reading till 21st December 2012 what say...well the story has just began it is some more...

Planet x which Nostradamus had named it as Nibiru, is going to be the cause of the end of the world, his past predictions have been accurate and made sense(so can this one) ok I really don’t deny all this cause few days back there was a comet the had blown off above the Indonesia sky which if would have exploded on the earth would have cause thrice the damage that was caused in Hiroshima Nagasaki (Japan). Incidentally the size was just 10mts what is the size is of a small planet say Pluto(bhoom).

Well lets look back at everything once again, the world is going to end, yes everything that has a start it surely does have an end without a doubt, the only thing is, is it in our lifetime or grandchildren’s grandchildren lives I don’t know and I guess it is better that we don’t know, but what is important is why don’t we live like today is the day that I need to live, why don’t we make up with everybody we lost out on our way cause probably we wont have the time later, why not we keep our ego aside and live life right now right today for the better living, the mayan calendar says that it will see from 1999 for 13years do we as humans behave and if not the destiny is all that matters, see i don’t what happens tomorrow, but this is also true that you can meet with accident tomorrow which can fatal, nobody knows so lets live with our best, the nature will show its colours because we have not even tried but we have changed, destroyed, invaded it so some day or the other it would, that is now inevitable it is just a matter of time now, what we have is at least lets behave like humans, so i have suggestion everything that we hear should not taken to the soul cause we had heard such calamities, prophecies computers crashing all that before also but here you and I are reading this, so lets live like humans.

Ok now that has been to senti and people have also made web sites to provide lotteries for survival wana know the site well it go check out have fun, but lets make for doings before it is too late cause my friend life is too short.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

How life could be……

Life seems such a struggle at times I mean see the contrasting needs, requirements of life, for example, money definitely not the most important thing to get happiness but we want it so much, which has no bounds. They say happiness cannot be bought but still money can make us happy. We don’t want to hear from god much, when we are fine, but we do remember him a lot when in pain, even try to remember him in our whisper as he was answering, everything at times we wish to have our ways, what I guess and you may agree with it, is that we wish it not at times but everytime, everyday every hour and hours put to together to get what we want.

Our maximum wants are materialistic and the super souls say that happiness would not come from the materialistic world, the most confusing point is if materialistic world is not go na give us what would enrich our lives, which help to find the moksha in life, why are we running or rather taught to run for the materialistic gains only, now here is more of the confusion, later on the super soul does not end saying only that, but also stating that we should have both of it to live into this materialistic world, wait a minute you had told me that before, me started running for golden lining and now when me on the path to earn the golden lining, you telling me that I should have also gone for personal front as well which is definitely immeasurable, so we don’t even know how much to go ahead, but now it is late. I have lost all my family suppers to meeting and agreements and now everything I have is meetings and people to greet n meet for work and my work and their work it is all about money and work, the super souls have put me into a mess. Now can I ask you a question does blaming anybody(including the super souls) can get you back that time? That love? That life which you have already lived? Think about it.

I can bet on this the answer is NO and it would always be a no, not because you wanted it this way but because you cannot do a thing about it. (Oh but I have already done that and at the top of it, you telling I cant undo it, anything of it how thoughtful !)

Well no matter what you say, what you think, what you do, you cannot turn back time and your mistakes. Then what? There is a last door that you can look forward for and that is start taking responsibility for every act that you have done, start taking the responsibility not only for the good that you have done, but also the bad that you might have committed knowingly or unknowingly it does not matter( yes it does not matter you have done it you need to be responsible for it) is this all about making me sad? no it is about that we stop complaining and the life would make you feel a bit better, a bit more productive and a bit more meaningful cause meaning to our life is all that we are here for and we need to make the most of it, so try to stop complaining start taking initiative to our deeds, even if end that is inevitable only seems to be a solution do it with best note as it could be.

Lets be fare to all souls and ourselves, more importantly ourselves so that we can be honest with others as well, lets live with our mistakes and rejoice with its achievements that could not dissociate from ourselves to be good humans. Let the sunrise and sunset be mine, let the pure and evil be mine, let the subtle wind and storm be mine so that there I could move ahead of the mirage and reach the waters in the desert in the walk of life, called life.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

I didn’t wish to have to end this way…..

I really didn’t mean it when things were going wrong you don’t have no idea till the time it has all gone wrong the only question is why? why, the logic becomes stronger than your heart, the truth is more fascinating, agreed, practical than what your heart says, you really don’t need to take decisions, when the world inside you is so contrast that you cannot decide what it is, this is what I have learnt, everything that falls into place, is not that all is true.

Things can just change over a phone call how stupid does it sound, but it is that true, relationships are broken over a phone, is this the optimum use of the technology we have??? Well leaving that aspect aside but how far and fast the heart can collide and explode at times if you really think, it’s funny, think about this, it is all over between us, and the phone clicks and here it goes everything off……amazing that it happens and amazingly people let it happen………relationships were not that important as it is now, friends were not needed as I am in need now, but also when I look back it looked like a same old story repeating itself “I didn’t have friends, I don’t have them and I would not have them in future” and this is how it would function until I change something……I wish I knew that way long back I would not have lost out on friends, I wish I know it today so that I can make at least new and keep them safe for the future…but times change and so do people around you.

We have heard that the time, words spend and spoken cannot turn back now I can completely understand what it means….it’s not that I never knew about it I did honestly I did, but I didn’t bother about it much….and the wheel has turned and here am I understand the meaning and depth of each single word out of the whole sentence, I always thought I had the power to turn around things, always in the mirage that people will turn back to me after a while. I had setbacks, which only made me think it would not happen again, but all the more I moved on with life all the more I realized I was in the state of illusion that I lived and as the dark clouds have gone by my head I see the world far more clear then I could see before I could understand that I have to take the responsibility of everything that is in and around concerning me and my life…..but I still never wanted it to end in this way, I wanted to live more of everybody around me I wanted to live more every bit of it which I miss, which I should have understood which I guess that it would take me time to understand a bit more….a bit more to understand, a bit more reach out the deepest feeling in ocean of feelings around me people have, a bit more to see that things are not always the way it looked, a bit more to see inside me to secrets known but unhidden treasured by weight of ego and social boundaries to be strong, by myself just to become something I don’t even know what when I was running for, when I have reached the point I was giving my life for…..but leaving every bit of it to be called life, but life is far more ahead of me as well and life would be if I would dare to live it, this time with more subtleness, with more patience, with more respect for myself and others, with more of life then worries, I would survive only for the good to happen to make things a more a bit I cherished it would be………but I still never wanted to end to all this, this way.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

I just wanted to talk…….

Some random thoughts, that have been filling my head as the manna from the heaven, so I thought why not to share it. Somebody asked the God why life is so short? The God replied get married! The poor fellow asked God will that add years to my life??? God replied “No it would make you feel living each day since ages” this at times happens to be the grux of life, when we had time opportunity and space, we said no later and when everything passed by, we land up saying that “boss I didn’t get a chance to do so many things” one of my friend has decided not to get married (What ? ) that was the same question I really wanted to ask, which eventually I did, but to my surprise it was just too simple reason: because he doest not see happy couples around, he believes that he cannot be happy in a relationship, guess what he actually managed two girl friends broke of with them and does not think of a long committed relationship.(you finding it funny I don’t find it. The depth to which a person can act in to our lives is unimaginable, inseparable, unforeseen).

The point is the world would look the way you look at it, I remember a story when I as small there was this kid who walked down the road on a mountain to place where he could get eco, the boy out of his inquisitiveness shouted “somebody there” the reply came the same then he shouted “what is your name” the reply again the same the boy said “you are rude” the reply came to his surprise the same, he rushed to his mother and said “mom that is place is full of rude people”, his mom could understand the whole thing as all moms do for their children, she asked her son to go back and say that “you are my friend” “and I love you” the young boy confused with himself did as told by her mom, obviously the reply as to what he shouted, he came back running to his mom and said they said they love me. ( Simple but how true, love somebody and you will be loved, hate somebody and it would follow you).

I don’t deny it is easy to let go the negativity around you, cause the news paper you read, the news channels, the late night news editions, the neighborhood gossips are more interesting then somebody who made a new mark for the up gradation of human life relating to degrading life standards. No I am not against of any televisions, news channels but the point is more importance is given to criminal acts on the first page as compared to some new inventions in science, it is wired I don’t say that we want negativity but I am trying to say is that we are not taking efforts also to avoid it, the first 30 minutes as we get is are the most important, precious time for the day cause what we start with we carry for the whole(ok you clearly getting doubts try this, start of a day while reading the book on your life hero, or ideal or motivation thoughts, or just an early walk in the garden enjoying the beauty of the nature and experience the day filled with energy, motivated, ready for something great expecting something great, on the other hand try…..try to get up late, read some shabby news, listen to hard rock and you can see the difference by the end of the day).

The point is not only that we know what is to be done, the point is that we perform to make that it is to be done, don’t try it, live it, cause life is too short to repent.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I still cant do it...

Look out of the window and there you see is beautiful weather(not always but today I can), you can go out and even dance in the rain, but you still can't do it.........No it is not about somebody would say something, it is about that.........that one perticular feeling that is missing, that feeling that we all had in our childhood but now something is lost,

The pleasing breeze that comes from the window and the daylight turns into late evening, the rain starts, but instead of welcoming the rain drops, we close down the window with the breeze......there are so many things we stop. Exactly we just stop, when we try to recall no reason to say as in why did we stop, I guess I have an answer !!!(yeah I can think at times) it is all about the feeling that we left behind while growing up.

Fine I would give you my own example, I wanted to write I knew I had so much happening and so much to share but I did'nt and I myself was unable to understand the depth of losing out on small, tiny, little things....untill I started losing my head out, the reason being nothing(No I am not sick, maniac or something) it is that I know that I am missing out something in life, I am not very clear of what all I am missing out, but yes I accept that I have lost something that I had when I a small little spoilt brat in the house.........they always say that grass is always greener on the other end and it is so much true ? why simple when I was a child I always thought it is so cool when you when you are grown up you think wow it was so cool when you were young I mean really really young (What a confused soul)'.

No but trust me it is so funny, we have made our lifes so jam packed(I wish it was a fruit jam though, anyways jokes apart) that we have stopped laughing, not even a cute smile(I know you are smiling now "GOOD") even talking we talk on the mobile phone so much...but all business and when it comes to home we have hardly to even chit chat, Amazing!!! (Then we say life sucks pardon my language) I will share a secret but dont tell this to anyone even I have started hearing this "You don't talk anymore, you are quiet, you dont even laugh on a funny thing in the movie" so it is ok we all are or were or will be passing through this phase. The point is, like everybodys says for today's generation "Now, Fast, Easy" how much now, fast or easily we can let this phase go and come back to life we actually wanted, a happy life.

And after all this I have written and you have read, I guess we can change the title to I still can do it....

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fact of love life


            Tera mera yeh nata kyu tuta

Tera mera yeh Pyaar kyu rutha

Aadhi baatein, aadhuri raatien reh gayi tere bina


Tere bina sehna na sakunga

Tere bina Jee na sakunga


This is a lovely song from the movie Dil kabadi called Ehsaan I am sure a lot of you must have heard it, this songs is for the all people who have lost in love and still question why, how, when, how can I forget it. I tell you something we need to forget it no matter what happens how much you are into it or you were into it, cause at the end of the day the other person really moves ahead in life and by the time you realize it, that you should give it up it is already too late, too late to justify yourself and your wait, your love and then when you know you have lost it, you cannot accept it, why, cause it is human nature not to accept your own defeat consoling sessions from friends and hanging out with friends is a momentary drug given for the momentary relief for the pain.



So you think I am here to give you nasty ideas of getting over your past mistakes and ruined relationships, I am so glad to say no, I am not cause I am no one honestly I am no one in any others persons life, cause your happiness is yours at the end of the day and your defeat it only yours, the gesture is to accept it that yes I am defeated not that you should feel low, guilty and frustrated about it, which I know you cant help cause you feel that ways, but the point is that you let it go, now that is the most difficult part in life.


What do you think it is so easy to forget it, is it some kind of data on the disk, that a click and here it is deleted, I know you must be thinking this but my friend the deal is that we should learn to live with it, what ??? now what is this, I know you must be thinking this, but listen to this, when ever you go to a hospital there is a typical smell in the hospital when you enter, agree now after 5-7 mins have passed you still in the same hospital but you don’t smell the smell, try it out observe it, you wont smell it again until you move out of the hospital and come back again.


So is the case with ruined relationships until you stop thinking about it, stop giving your utmost attention, stop giving it importance, stop asking your friends for the latest updates, till that date you will never be able to get over it, until and unless you are in a mood of self destruction, that is another way people have come out with, Yes! Amazed but true when you cannot destroy the world around you (which the case 99 % times) you start destroying yourself with as many possibilities you can think about.


See cause you have hurt somebody does not mean that world will not hurt you, first thing and the second one if you are hurt trust me there is something better coming up, cause till  then all you are doing is learning to ride a bi cycle, you fall, get hurt, get bruised, but if you don’t get up and start riding again you would never learn to ride the by cycle and talk with the winds, also remember it is ok to know what went wrong that you fell, but understand this if you would only think what went wrong, it wont help cause a relationship is made up with two individuals and their individuality so if it has happened like this, it might not happen for the second case but might be something new, so try to stick to the short comings accept and live life like nobody has ever lived and love like there is no tomorrow.


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Friday, January 9, 2009




Why do parents love their children, why there is why behind love, why, behind a good deed for some one else, why the anticipation that something has to be done in return of something, the why factor that works out the simplest solutions to ones problems in life and at the other end makes life a living hell, lands in self pity immoral stage of morality cause all you could not answer is that why.


Why is love sacred after marriage and curse before, why a 7 year old boy had to perform the rituals on his own dad’s dead body cause they were rituals, why we stand to our ego so much that you might win the argument but break the relations or at least an irreparable scar for the whole life, why waiting for the time when the time does not even intend to wait for anything and anybody  The why has an end less list as to answers we have, the point is why do we even try to answer this why is it psychological, is it immaterial, is it cause he have asked to? or deeper somewhere with our soul.


I cant myself answer all these questions but I try to at times, then I re collect some wired answers I had heard, why do parents love children cause when they grow old their children will love them, it is their responsibility, so save themselves from guilt of not performing the duties towards their parents and so why them. What about the parents who have thrown their children away when they were born and never bothered to look back and then what about the children who are parasites to their parents when growing up and then don’t even bother to think about them when they are old and try to give maintenance to their parents, that is as much as the cost their parents paid for their diapers when they were young.


Why is love called immortal when the practicality of life such as status, money, tragedy to physical well being, obsession is just so mortal. Why to expect is justified why is giving not justified without expecting anything in return. Why people with no integrity, no self conscious can live their lives as peacefully as some one who never compromised on their principles, does that make a difference to when look themselves in the mirror or a remedy the people have found out who tend to live to up their principles the remedy being the self conscious.


I had heard, there are three sides to a thing your side, the other side and the right side, irrespective of the right side why we run for either sides which have no significance after the discussion is over. The question is not why do we ask so many questions in life the point is when even we know the answer to this question do we act over it? Do we accept it? Do we go with the conscious or kill it.


If money could buy happiness why are the rich not happy, so you think that having an obsession and achieving that obsession is going to make you happy(I don’t think so cause human is greedy) think about it again.


The reason to write this is not create a panic not to bring in some kind of moral, social, ethical awakening cause it either exist or it does not. Not transfer your attention that does not exist it is not important the reason is there is conscious and there is sub conscious you can take care, run away, suppress or dis approve of your conscious what about your sub conscious can you challenge that, can you even think to dominate that, it is just not into your hands it is as impossible you trying to count the number of times you blink your eye lashes and all the more control the number of times you wink,

The reason is immaterial cause what is apple for me is apple for you, but what is fragrance to me might be smell to someone else, all the more it is not important to know all the answer to these questions, it does not matter I repeat it does not matter, what matters is are you aware of the questions. Love, affection, happiness, anger, frustration, being low are just feelings that cannot be expressed with the in capabilities of words in any language, they are far more than aggressive to the limitations of words, do we accept that there such things called feelings.


It is not important to what we feel after reading this, the point is do we feel after reading this, it is not important to justify yourself to others, can you justify your own self cause everything is mortal and so is why, life cannot be life cause you have answered all the why’s but when you know the importance of them in life.


Please feel free to criticize, comment, appreciate this might help you and me to understand the reason why.