Friday, June 18, 2010

Anathema taking over men and women….

We say life is all complex these days, Relations are sour, infidelity is to its peak, trust and love are factors more or less in love stories, togetherness is staying in the bed, work and pleasure are mixed for benefits of oneself, manipulation is the "in" thing and we say life is all complex.

Impunity for doing wrong to others is these days, like a birth right. The circumstances have become the deciding factors for relationships, not the urge to be together. It is not about having a good time together, it is more about what would one get after this time together. How things have changed. Friends for convenience is as common to hear as difficult to find common sense these days. They say they progressing, they are westernized, they are modern, albeit the poorest people at heart. Conscious is losing its ground guilt and shame are not even present for lip service in ones soul, cause all they thinks is to grow.

Pious is only for show, now even that is old. They talk of spirituality and lack the spirit in oneself. They talk of being one, but with whom is the quest? They talk they are growing just fine, back down leaving a trail of broken spine. Relations are more or less give and take, you give and I take. What has changed? Why the ego of growth has the taken over conscious of the mind, don’t they have ethic’s or have turned to boneless spines? A man may not be judged by his deeds but the bank balance in the account. A woman is all interested in the canal and the crown. Is it progress? I doubt I believe it depriving the human race to act as humans. The crowd is where people move cause oh! is it called being modern oh! it must be just so cool. What is this happiness are just not trying to be super cool? What has happened to the so called man.

At times I think it was better when it was old, at least there were trees that we called tall and old. The shadow of the trees in scorching is still better than the shadow of the cement junk. There was a time when the words meant commitment, a promise, one would keep till the end, now we turn back only find it was the end. I wished the old times would return. Bruised knees are better than broken hearts, once a week a t.v. serial is better than the daily soap bizarre. If losing oneself, losing ethics, losing reliability and losing one’s conscious is called growth I respect the people who are now old.

Tell me isn’t it a curse, how we were expected to live and when we live in so much of dirt? I still don’t think this is the best thing that we grew up to see on earth. I wish to become a man of commitment, a path to follow may dirge music will follow, but I would look in the mirror everyday and look straight into the eye just find my conscious still alive. I recall the lines said so beautifully, “god grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” I cannot change the world but I can change myself, I want to be honest to myself, may these guiding crowds may not misguide my soul as there is conscious deep down which I still hold.

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  1. Our commitment to be connected and dedicated to SO MANY people makes it less possible to be true to them.

  2. that is the whole point stay honest and stay relaxed for life why you have to be connected the canal way with more than one?

  3. very nice post and even I feel meanings of relationship have changed but we can control our own behaviour and not to join that race and stand out differently,someone out of the crowd.

  4. this is in consideration that you dared to stand out side the crowd, but the deal is relationship is between at least 2 people, here you are standing outside the crowd the deal is to find the other person, who is ready to be standing there with you.