Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Creating Blue Ocean’s

I had read an amazing article about creating blue oceans highly inspiring and relative. The drive of cost cutting and pricing to the lowest is in the air for anything and everything, we need to remember the old saying ‘need is the mother of all inventions’ the need is not only cost cutting and laying off staff from business organisations but the need to grow and sustain looking for long term goals than short term benefits, feels that it exist only in ideals I will not completely disagree with you. Comatose creeping the ethics and way we are looking at things, there is a need; a need for change, it is hardly about collective growth that you hear but what you hear is that cut throat competition, we have come to the belief that only demolition of the competitor can leave us to growth and prosperity (surprised! look around and you would see it; it is not what you hear about how we can enhance and proper but how we can take over the others); another view when you have people with more time and less work take the opportunity to grow in areas not thought before(idealistic view but think about it).

Unnerving ideologies all around us, making us of the biased to the opinion this is the only way that we can survive; this is only way we can grow. We happy about the companies coming in and investing is that growth or we just easy to penetrate cheap customers (don’t get offended but that is also the way the world looks at.....) what is the solution and what is the point? Strive for solutions than problems (easy said than done) I know that is why strive for enhancing quality and not only quantity; let me put across a very raw example in front of you. A student in one the many Pune engineering colleges had a passion; passion for playing an action computer game, all he knew was to play that game really well, yes the engineering went into vain, but you know what happened, he continued to play the game started entering into tournaments started winning them; became a national player earns five figure money in a month what would you say? Whatever you say the fact is it is proven! Creating blue oceans is similar it is about coming with ideas and solutions to ageless issues and finding a way through to make something better than you found it.

How can you do it? A) Understand your passion, if you love your job you would work for the solutions; you would have them cause that is what your brains wants to do. B) Think beyond the box it is no sin to think beyond the box, just a block of mind, stop being a stereotype; it is not done before cause nobody tried it real hard. C) Be open to critics and faults, they are not hindrances but they are loopholes you need to improve on. D) Strive for excellence and not just break even perfections. E) Quality enhancement should be the aim, quantity would follow. F) Trust yourself and trust the people you working with, knowledge is only tacit as in a skill when with an individual and only a kind of literary when for a group, there is a model at the end which would show the ideal way of sharing knowledge, the gist is when you have the knowledge it should have a common base which could enlighten the followers to take appropriate actions or a method ad adopted  when faced with a similar situation(mind it; it is not setting standard protocols but a direction in which it has been acted upon before). G) World works on logic don’t fight don’t resist you cannot change the world instead find the logic. H) People are the driving forces for everything; get people onboard to share the view. I) It is important for people working for you and working with you to have clear and common goals; it would not fall from the sun you need to share it remind it again and again for them and for you to stay on course. J) Give directions and don’t expect the expected results, free will and space for mistakes would bring in growth when people share common goals at large.

Bring in the change it is high time we; I and You do something about it not caring about what would it change to vast ambiguities and atrocities; it is about what I and You can do, do your best and forget the rest (it is not wrong to accept an outcome) but it is also known you don’t know the result when you have been doing it for a long time until the right way becomes the habit. Don’t judge others seeking denial that you would not be judged; judge yourself to face yourself with integrity. Last but not the least losen up take a walk and create the blue oceans, as Einstein replied to press on the eureka of the bulb “I did not fail just found a thousand ways were it won’t work” get inspired; leave things behind start afresh start to create the blue oceans.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A year more to life!!!

I have added years to my living or reduced a year of life from my living? I remember this asking to my class teacher when I was in fifth grade, she had the most amazing answer to me even then, she said it is happy birthday cause you look at the bright side of the life to what you have achieved. Years have passed and I still remember her saying that. How astute have I become? Is the question pioneering me or am I even close to it!!!

It is brawl all around in the head inside, silence is standing right with me outside. Looking ahead which was looking like bewitched besieged I decided to look from my early ages to me now, suddenly there floods of memories and incidences and everything gushing into your head good and bad, awesome and awful all just running through my head. Difficult times would surpass that is one gist I could come up with not because it is me; because it has happened before and I could overtake it as a challenge and I have done it. Lacking the same zeal and enthusiasm to do the same am I trying to re invent the wheel? Well that is something I would not like to re invent then.

The party was great, now when the party is over it is yes I have faced challenges and dealt with it, been there done that; but now today is a new day and it is ongoing process, it is amazing how much paradox is there right in your head nay to say it can lead to better-meant or bitter-meant I have decided it would be better. Oh great finally the resolution has come into existence but it is not only about making up resolution but also implying it.
Blithely have the new norms to see things, but it is going to be tested and tested day after day and if the capricious tries to take over I will have to put my foot down and take a stand. It is like speaking to yourself telling yourself that you would survive and let that be the fact that yes I would survive I would accomplish not cause I am over confident but it is a possibility I have learnt from experience. As all the years added up to me has made me camaraderie looking ahead and facing a bit more than indefinite times should not determinate my earned fortune.

Look at the bright sun it has a lot of energy to reenergise the mind and soul feel it, listen to the birds they have music to share, open the windows and breath in alveolus as much as you can, it tells you, you are alive, look yourself in the mirror and believe in what you are; not what people want or have made you to believe in, make friends, meet people they all have stories to be learnt from, live honest cause no lies lives forever and remember I will survive.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eternal wait and phase of time!!!

Wait to see something beautiful

Waiting for a motive

The Smooth Road of Life

Wait for the wind to flow

When in despair

Existence limited

The Chosen destination unknown

Wait to revive

Crossroad to nowhere

Wait for company

Wait lasted than time

I exist not long but I do  

Steep path unknown to destiny

Reflection is more than the real

Mirage of being there

The unsaid, untold support

The absolute truth

Glitters can be sunshine 

Wait for reward

I stood tall 

Seen the weathers fade and revive

Eternal Wait

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Unsaid, Untold!!

 “Lately I’ve been hard to reach
I’ve been too long on my own
Everybody has a private world
Where they can be alone
Are you calling for me
Are you trying to get through
Are you reaching out for me
I’m reaching out for you”
The song is beautiful by Eminem something just apt, apt for me to tell you, that yes lately I have been hard to reach, the amalgamation has happened with my thoughts, the defeat is coming to me first than my victory and the difference to understand the change of what am I really looking for is victory; seemed difficult than the rocket science, everything just seemed to be blur nothing makes sense and unreachable is everything, grotesque seems my life.

The bright side is right behind me and all I could be worried was nothing much more than the shadow of my own self, running away until it is darkness and the shadow leaves the sight. Hankering I had to do before I lose whatever I am left with whatever I can still recall.

Hoarse seemed the voice of my soul calling me, the more painful it sounded the more I ran from it. Unjustified, surreal to myself that I am any different from it; things are happening as the conspiracy to mock me down. Sure of only one thing that everything is going wrong, as it is said “if you wish something from the bottom of your heart the world conspires to make it happen” yes it happens and it does not understand good or bad but what it understands is the wish. What if you start wishing for the not the sunlight but the darkness of the shadow right behind it!

You get it and that all you see and believe, it is the truth of the movement, the truth of the life the irony is the absolute truth is there but it is I and you who is unable to perceive cause we are blocked from what we want and only find the conundrum ubiquitous. Once the wish is granted greedy for more that we are, we ask for more and things start moving as we want it; failing to understand that whatever is happening is all cause we want it to be. Unadorned seems the world to us, ambiguous is the answers to the simplest questions.

The light is there shining so bright that our inability to open our eyes to see it, makes us believe that it is inexistent. Bitter is the truth and sweet seems to blame errata written from heavens. The darkest night is time before that dawn.

Are we looking for it? Are we only aware of the fact that this time, this phase of darkness would subside do we only know it? Or have we inflicted the darkness as the ethos within us that even when exhumed could not detach it from us? Difficult to believe but so are the facts, life is never fair, live it cause no matter how much you want to go to heaven, you don’t want to die!

Wait the time would pass not that you can help it but because time passes away. No matter how much people have threatened you for feign uncommitted, you become the defendant but you have lost the case if you have lost it in yourself. The crusaders takes life so does the killer the difference is that one becomes martyr the other torment. Everything is not possible and with best intentions can still make you fall in the bad books. Wait this time would go......

The light is bright a chance for you to open and see the world again, the more you wait the shorter the day. Nothing is permanent nor you nor I; but what you have today is the story of tomorrow good or bad it will be yours and only yours. Do not take only happiness in your stride; be ready for some thorns, the more you see the more you know that this phase would pass.

The darkness would follow again to try you again, to make you feel low only this time we would also see the line of light in the air reminding us this would pass and there would be a new light, new day and the stories to be said tomorrow. Don’t give up life is too short to make it right and it will never give a chance to have a retake, live now, live right and the night would pass with a bright sunlight.