Sunday, June 19, 2011

Walks of life.....still walking!

This amazing dilemma of life, this should end! Once this is done I am free. There is no stop, this eery would pass but the next is just waiting round the corner or at times even before the first one is over. It is viscous circle of so called ‘issues’ or ‘problems’ they keep pouring on. I am sure a lot of us have come to the belief that it does not end and it will not end. As each coin has two sides let’s take the other side. It is there cause I am alive and I can handle it; this is also a way to look at things until we have decided eavesdropping! I was chatting with someone and some talk happening about critics; I got the one of the most simple and astonishing reply it said ‘if you are being criticised, it is good cause it means you are noticeable’ LOL but on a serious note a thought. Is this is it we call attitude!

This movie Evan Almighty 2007, I guess not sure but there was this dialog I remember ‘if someone prays for patience; does god give him patience? or gives an opportunity to be patient. If someone prays for courage; does god gives him courage? or an opportunity to be courageous....’ no matter how difficult it is to digest, but all things that happen in the walks of life at end lands out to be for the good. I agree a lot may disagree but let’s try to recollect; I am sure small or big; slow or steady but all the things happens for the good, there is something we have learnt out of it right. May not be pleasant but hello! Let’s put it this way no matter what we have achieved in lives they are forgotten but if there is a people are go na make you alive from the grave just to remind you that OMG you know what you had done this wrong.

Things don’t work out the way we had planned, thick and thin are just phases of life that tells us that when we have enjoyed the thick; we will survive the thin as well. Ensconced to something is when we are ensconced!?! Two ways to look at it as a. How the difference would be known if we are not ensconced?  b. Because we are not ensconced we are different. Slight / marginal enmeshed structure may differ between the two; but how do we know the difference? Let’s take a simple example draw a line of 1cm on the paper with a scale, lift the scale see it then continue it draw another 1 cm of line again and again and again.... a few more. You know what I am talking about right! This is what it is at times we have to see things from a larger perspective and from the distance.

Perspectives are perspectives they would change, not by sticking to a perspective and asking for people to change; but the cause for the change to you your own perspective; let the others be! The most difficult part is to change one own self. What you thought when you were when 10 is not what you think at 20 surely not at 30 and so on so ahead; what has changed? You! Are you kidding me? you are you only and shall be you no matter what. The perspectives has changed the way you look at things have changed that is the only change. Ego comes in between you and the shifts of the change because it is OMG it is you; how could you be wrong right? Let the wrong and right be. As earth was flat five hundred years ago a fact; earth being oval is also a fact today.

Times immortal are also for the immortals, I live today and so do you. Issues / problems are today and are required to be faced today. Ideals were built for the ideals and people who were ideals I don’t say don’t follow them I say be sure not to be taken for a ride because you follow them. Every day is not bright and sunny with cool breeze blowing; it is going to be rainy and cold as well. All roads aren’t to the destination, at the end they are just road. All walks in life are not going to be pleasant; but enjoy the view feel the best and be proud that you are walking and keep walking.  

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Custodians of democracy

Arguing, debating and playing with words and tones to present the same information in best suitable way to suit ones say / motive / stand that one takes; irrelevant to the cause / issues for which they were said on the first place. Welcome people to the la la land of the custodians of our so called democracy. Brilliant defenders of democracy saying nice suited words about democracy as ‘democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people’ well said; do you who had said this? Abraham Lincoln. I hear the same gloomy speeches / promise again nothing new about it; what next? There is another saying to be brought to notice ‘Elections belong to the people. It is their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters’ Guess who said it! You are right Abraham Lincoln again. Think just don’t flow with the flow; some food for thought!

Starting with the key issues for which the so called ‘civil society’ has come into play a) demolition of corruption in India and the second movement b) Indian black money primarily in Swiss bank. The agenda for getting rid of corruption looks primarily organised, well written in Black n White and foreseeable with conclusive system to work, in accordance with the motive. The second key issue recovering back the black money which amounts to more than $1.4 trillion mind it dollars not rupees,(That makes every Indian at least a millionaire Yipeee, population of India 1.2 Billion) without a clear agenda; it seems more or less like I want to go the moon, yeah sounds great but how? The eternal silence with subjective answers not objective solutions to the cause(also you don’t get interest for putting amount in the Swizz bank you get deducted by 1%  so basically 1.4 Trillion 2010 is – 1% for 2011). These issues are no longer the India against corruption movement and bringing in the black money back in India. It has become the Anna Hazare movement and the Ram Dev Baba movement respectively. Is the idea to form a system on which people can depend or returning to square one where people on which systems are going to depend?

I am no historian but depending on people has not really worked for us has it? The discretion being made that India against corruption movement is for Urban and getting the black money back is for rural population of India, who says that? Well because the people leading it, and representing the different parts of society i.e. we are forgetting the issue but retaining to the fact because of the people who are leading it again. Hello, wake up isn’t it the first problem why are we supporting the civil society? Am I really bothered about who said what half a century ago? Honestly ‘shit no’ I am here today those words were said by the ideals for the ideals not for wolves in cashing every meat in and around the jungle.

These so called debates are good putting forward the contrasting couple to face the music with live audience. It all starts good till the time somebody gets defensive and then OMG the long forgotten history is revealed, people are hunted to their graves and brought to life relation to the matter utterly unrelated to the key issues and then .......let’s not talk about it. I have once basic question to ask a) are we discriminating again urban, rural; ruling party opposition party have we forgotten the divide and rule ‘funda’ let enlighten strike you now. These so called leaders or the custodians of democracy just start playing blame and shame game again and again; even I am tired of typing it but yet again. Is the media overdoing it the multibillion question? Well media is actually just projecting the new ones nothing new anymore even in that, cash for votes, Common wealth games, 2G, the list is is helping with the pile of list! Very good I am aware but what happened to the previous ones, gone with the wind? No conclusions no results, wait for the next one. Nothing wrong with that; but there can be something more right.

Laws are made for the ideal sitting legislative committee or the role of governance in the society at large for the smooth working on a system? Number of laws enacted specially recently with no utter relevance a) to the public b) practicality of laws (out of question) c) surely relevant to increase corruption. One thing that strikes back is; are these, the custodians of democracy of modern India? Well let me put it across to you this way the growth, the technology, the innovations is of the people who made it possible, by the people who worked hard to enrich the society at large and for the people who did not discriminate like your elections agenda pamphlets; to earn votes. Stop it anyways we aren’t interested in it anymore. There are issues let’s try to work out solutions then creating insoluble solvents.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Urban n.....

The so called fast moving, complicated, next generation life we living, irony with stills. The idea is to magnify the beauty or the occurrences, happening around us; nay creating them only but just taking a look around. 
While lifting this big block of floor, the crane actually got lifted

Smoke and still breathing

The way we pumping pollution around us

No matter how dark the road is there would be light somewhere

crowded; but are we losing the connection?

To the journeys ever taken, rememberence to those times 

It is ok to be a bit dizzy at times, a few things just happen to look better

crossroads, situations will come always, but going further would set a path choose the right track

Things can look a bit blurry in the start the vision would get it's clarity 

Everything is not important we need to focus as well

At times we should have the look of things the other way round

The view can be different just need to know the view before denying it

Reflections are also a way of looking at the complete picture

It is looks just the same, take out time to see it, it is worth it 

Lose the usual roads, it might surprise you with something more

Colours bring in difference, try something new

The cover can also act as a trap, make sure you know what you are getting into in long term; before you move

Try being green, the mother nature loves it and so do we

Whatever it comes to you mind it is yours

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Amsterdam trip

The city of canals, a city big enough to digest different cultures, a city small enough to retain its beauty, the city of canals Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is not just the city just for that; but it has much more. It has history, it has a beginning, it has a purpose. A city that can accepts you, but also engulfs you. Instead of putting in words I want to show you Amsterdam my way.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Think before you support! especially.....

Enlighten me with practicality is my cry launching a complaint, if proven wrong you go to prison OMG get a life I better pay the bribe and relax in life right, well that is the fact and that is what is going to happen, hanging the corrupt; you and I know how many have ever been caught, forget about taking them to prison to relax on our tax payed money forget about of hanging them (get them at least to prison) and then we can talk the talk.

Hindi being the language of communication hello! you asking to reinvent the wheel! you want to say brainy heads should change to language that is like never before used in terms of their whole life education? What is the major point people want to support that corruption should be eradicated that is need not funny laws and creating supremacy by bringing in topics which are not even relevant to a commoner.

Why can't you change to english? the world speaks it and I guess the guru does not understand that the reason so many Indians are abroad and performing technological progress around the world is cause they could communicate! Are we talking growth or trying get back to the stone age?

Why are leaders so interested in the commoner life when they dont even know what are the issues? Making legislations and making sure the public has to break it has become a norm. Remember the legislation no smoking in public places streets etc.... is that possible ? No Why? no smoking areas! then what break the law. Are you trying to make some kind of joke of the legislation.

Please stop bullying people! Get the corruption eradicated in phases and practical solutions and not (Super - Man) solutions. Denying the facts is not going to change anything confronting problems with honest solutions for the betterment is going to. Please concentrate on the core issues, the actual problem the commoner already has his/her issues to be sorted out, Language, religion, caste and creed, being the least on their minds.

Dont talk about culture to us please, two things a it is democracy I have the right to decide whatever I want to speak, I want to learn, I want to follow please dont mix up things( it is 'I') b the ones who have made it do not exist to see the things that have changed over the ages, I mean no disrespect I mean lets be practical and the ones who want to follow anyways are free to do it RIGHT!

P.S. The quota system in Indian constitution was established for only 10 years after the enactment of the constitution, we still have it, but even my maths is bad but I am well over decades to know how many are 10 years. Stop bullying, stop exaggerating, stop trying to get leverage by the people who dont know the facts or trust you too much to believe in you, stop letting down my country, stop forcing me to believe it is not the golden bird anymore, stop making issues and please solve the issues.