Saturday, June 11, 2011

Urban n.....

The so called fast moving, complicated, next generation life we living, irony with stills. The idea is to magnify the beauty or the occurrences, happening around us; nay creating them only but just taking a look around. 
While lifting this big block of floor, the crane actually got lifted

Smoke and still breathing

The way we pumping pollution around us

No matter how dark the road is there would be light somewhere

crowded; but are we losing the connection?

To the journeys ever taken, rememberence to those times 

It is ok to be a bit dizzy at times, a few things just happen to look better

crossroads, situations will come always, but going further would set a path choose the right track

Things can look a bit blurry in the start the vision would get it's clarity 

Everything is not important we need to focus as well

At times we should have the look of things the other way round

The view can be different just need to know the view before denying it

Reflections are also a way of looking at the complete picture

It is looks just the same, take out time to see it, it is worth it 

Lose the usual roads, it might surprise you with something more

Colours bring in difference, try something new

The cover can also act as a trap, make sure you know what you are getting into in long term; before you move

Try being green, the mother nature loves it and so do we

Whatever it comes to you mind it is yours

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