Saturday, March 13, 2010

I miss your smile but I miss my own more…..

When you had to make me cry, why you made me laugh before, if you had to go away, why did you come close. I could not think of something more appropriate to start with, then this, cause I miss out people laughing with me, but what I do miss the most is smiling myself. I wish I was a child like again with no worries, more smiles, broken pencils could turn me down, but nothing known as broken hearts, where I used to smile 400 times more then what I do today(a fact an average child laughs 400 times more than an average adult) if you think even you have lost your smile somewhere in the crowd in the name of etiquettes, love, or you don’t even know but you know that you miss something go ahead, it for you.

When we were born, nobody taught us to cry, but we did, nobody taught us to laugh, but yes we did and did a lot freely without even knowing that toothless smile can also bring in smiles to others, but now that we know what is to weep and what is cheer, we hardly do either of them anymore or atleast max in the closed walls with no ears and no eyes, (so when we know what it is we stop doing it? no I would agree to it) weeping in front of people could make us look weak, could harm our so called projected personality so why we don’t shed a tear in front of others , (so you know why we know and still we don’t) when born, when lived childhood, we lived for ourselves and not only for others, now as grownups we live for others and hardly for ourselves, think about it this, you would love to eat the bread with your hands, but cause the person in front of you is using a knife you would do the same, why so, that you are not out casted, you are not somebody looked down upon(True, but deep within your thoughts, deep with yourself)

We smile according to people around, if you really understood a joke and you found it really worth laughing but you see people around and if they have smiles or laughs you continue or you just stop, irrespective you wanted to or not, I am not saying to have an un social behavior change into you, but what I am saying is that you keep you smile then to yourself but laugh out later, so that there is something that you can smile about and completed the smiles you are worth of, after a usual busy day.

Love plays an vital role, or rather viscous role to the smile, you smile not because you want to but to satisfy your partner who would just say you a turn off cause you did not smile, or make a pathetic working day worse in the evening by asking a million questions if you don’t laugh irrespective of you want to or don’t and same is when you cry, what are you doing living for others and not for yourself and then one fine day the person goes from your life then you take out all the baggage of smiles but then it has defoliated to cry, burst out with nothing much better then tears for you but water for others and then there is hunt for some shoulder again, why when the smile is yours so are your tears, the problem is cause you always shed or smiled for others even today you need others.(why you doing this to yourself why are you not living for own self)

“the world looks the way you perceive it” and all that you imagine is to live for others, it is not how you look but is how you perceive it and if you perceive happiness inside you would spread it outside, whereas if you perceive sorrow so would be the case, so be comfortable yourself, be happy yourself and then spread the word cause what you will feel from inside so what you will be spreading outside, be contented, satisfied inside and then you would be able to do it for others.

Smile the smiles for yourself and you would not miss them for anyone else.

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