Friday, April 22, 2011

Hangover, Friendships and unspoken dreams!!!

These words may blow some claxon in our minds, hangover is effect caused by excessive drinking the previous night (generally, exceptions always present; they cannot and should not be generalised) but it was fun right! as there are no free lunches it comes with a price of hangover, recollecting what happened last night laughing, smiling over it and when recalled incidences at large; then saying “shit happens ya” could be embarrassing but still good times to remember, it comes with a shelf life that is, it is over after a few weeks, that is it; it is gone with the wind.

Friendships really make or break your moral; acting as the unrecognised support all the time just being there juxtaposition of few people in our lives are really important and that lasts; lasts more than time; more than we thought; more than expected, friends don’t need to be explained why you did what you did! Friends act like contrarians, funny people. They don’t always ‘talk the talk so that you can walk the walk’ with you (I got this from my lecturer) you call them after ages and the conversations would start from the same point; somethings don’t change nay to say can’t be taken for granted.

Unspoken dreams we all have secrets; the ones we shared and the majority that we do not! Dreams are dreams you see it because you want to see it or it just pops up, I don’t have reasons why dreams come into the head and keep coming as if the whole worlds video library is stored in, people have been spending time, effort and money since ages to understand, including some sleepless nights; still the mystery remains untouched. Theories do exist. As denigrated is the thought to the brainy conscious mind those dreams remain within us; unsaid, unspoken, undisturbed, untouched, unstrapped and unsure. They are just there leaving immortal mark, which does not go away with time!

I had read this mail I am sure you might have read it as well, there will be a time on your deathbed where the whole life would come in front of the eyes in the fractions of seconds; ‘make it worth watching’ a question; have we thought about it? Or just kept on thinking and doing what are we expected to do, or just not to be tagged as demented, the dreams are buried somewhere knowingly unknown where they are buried. ‘.....happens....’ no words; no explanations; no demands.

Deplore I may sound but saying that life is all complicated these days is just a myth, we have made it up. Everything and anything is or should be done the ideal way with the majority. How many times it has happened that you knew that this would be a better way but you spoke what is logical or expected and then surprise; surprise what you were thinking was right but what you said is just the expected and you lost your chance to make a difference, forget about the difference to show off, but then muddiness of thoughts happens, to agree with what you think or just to move with the crowd, then OMG more confusion and then Newton’s third law of motion plays its part, ‘every action has equal and opposite reaction’ the more you suppress your thoughts / dreams the more they jump back after some time probably but they do ; then, then what? YOU; standing in the same queue with others, where at the end of the day it is a queue; just a queue where everybody is for the race. Simple things / issues are pain. Welcome to the self built complicated world. “I’m loving it am I?”

So what do we do chase the dreams? Honestly who am I to say anything? There are circumstances, there are actions which you shall take and then there will be reactions that would come for you to face. Nobody decides somebody else’s faith; it is you and only you who can decide your goal, your road and your way. What is this got to do with hangovers, friendships? Hangovers are the movements in the life which knock you on the face, it hurts but it would fade out, might be difficult but will fade out, keep your worries, grudges and all the unwanted negativity to bar drink it down next day you will make fun of it and laugh it aloud and remember ‘shit happens’ friendships is relating to time it does not come back again, it cannot be taken for granted, to make up for things gone wrong today; might now give you an opportunity tomorrow. Act the movement you know you should. Dreams don’t forget to dreams no matter bitter the things are around that is one place where you could fly!!!

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  1. dreams are really motivating, one can acheive all their wants ........and needs

  2. "Dream on, dream on, dream until your dream comes true.”

  3. Dreams are important to keep the imagination alive otherwise reality may on be real

  4. Kasturi the dream is only a dream until true, but dreams can become true cause reality is only real!!

  5. "What do we do to chase dreams"... Food for thought... Nicely written :)

  6. Even letting the dreams just flow is good enough nothing more to be done!!!