Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rebuffed citizenry

How much are we hearing the Jan lokpall bill? How much are we able to hear about Kiran Bedi, Anna Hazar or Kejriwal? For second thoughts; is everything in media or the general public forgotten in a brandish? When it is there, it is the only thing that is there; and then it evanesces (and gone for good, bad actually obscure disappearance takes place with no closing). Are we actually used to ‘chalta hai’? And even if that being the case when does it seem to stop? Loads of questions right, but think about it! When the fasting by Anna or Ramdev and again Anna was on that was the only thing as left on earth to discuss about. Go to office that story is the first greeting, go to see friends they would talk about it, see the news (Oscar Mike Gold; the number is increasing; every minute detail was a news) walk by and you can over hear the people talking about it. Now what?

Are you trying to tell me that so many people who had come together have been given a capsule to ‘forget partial memories’? New problems, old solutions or old problems and new sham statements. Everything is actually crystal clear; the end notion is nothing happening (tell me something new). This dialog we have heard a number of times in our movies ‘have you ever seen a corrupt politician being charged of their doings?’ well let’s not stretch this. But one last multimillion question to be asked ‘has the media also forgotten about it? Or it made sure that don’t talk about it?’ ssshhhh koi hai.

Let’s talk something new now borders are under a threat! Ok tell me something new about it again, well the new thing is that before they were a threat only at the borders; lately it has been found out that they are entering our territory and making their presence felt by marking the stones. I guess basically creating a landmark map don’t you think? It is kind of important and of great concern that the cities, the borders are not being appropriately guarded. Will we wake up again when it is too late or till then ‘chalta hai’ would continue.

It is not that I have forgotten; it is not that I don’t care; it is not that I can’t do anything about it; it is au found ‘chalta hai’ my question is how long? Scams and the moolah consociated is just a number now; it only starts with crores and ends with lined up zeros behind it. There is no blame game here I want to bring to surface let that be to the politicians. Here I am to bring about a fundamental question do we want to change? Corruption is adept when it for me; but a curse when for the public! Well is that how we plan to fight corruption? Is it the reason that there was the wave where everybody was together standing for it, but now we stand fragmented?

Loads of questions asked let’s try to seek a few suffice solutions. We should be able to understand what we are standing for! (Yes we are talking too much and feasibility is too little, not that it cannot happen; is it sustainable and fair at large, should be the point of determination). The Government is trying and making everything electronic lately the service tax etc. etc. shall be paid electronically (the concerned should take out time attend training and actually help them to come up with valuable and specific issues so that they can do their bit). You have a right to seek information and officials have duty to provide the same (sitting on their head and getting the information on the spot is not a lasting solution as far as I see, persistence is the key). As greatly, wisely said ‘be the change you want to see’ change might not come as the whole that we want to see, change is what we need to do our bit for it.

One statement that was made by one the Judges of India some time back apt and apt is the only word I can say “Watan ki fikra kar nadan; teri barbadiyon ke mashware hai aasmanon mein, teri barbadiyon ke mashware hai aasmanon mein; Na samjhoge toh mit jaoge e Hidustanwalon; teri dastan tak na hogi dastano mein” If we fail to act now, me may run a risk never to act again.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Acoustic sitting both sides of the table!

Being an entrepreneur is like riding a bi cycle, you need to balance it; pedal it; apply brakes while riding and watch out for your road, so that you don’t hit into something / someone, keep a sense of direction; so that you don’t go astray from the path. All these activities are to be done simultaneously; so that the ride is comfortable and reiterates. Making sure that it all works together is of vital importance or else you would be leading; in the race against yourself. To make a comeback to your actual path nay to say that you need to pedal more; i.e. time consuming; but also you might have to take acrid turns which may; may not act in favour to you. There is a simple logic; you can take time as much as you want; when you are yet to start a business! Once started it need to replenish time, energy and money.

 I had been to seminar lately wherein Chanakya way of 7 pillars of business was discussed, I would like to share the same as a basic idea that an entrepreneur should keep in mind ‘ALWAYS’. It is so surprising that these principals made ages back are absolute and can accumulated without any changes.

1.      The King (The leader) the primary need is to have a committed leader who would act, behave and have a vision not just for a company but also including the people who are there in the company along with the leader. The person responsible for the whole.

2.      The Minister (The Manager) the people who are to second the leader who are responsible in the absence of the leader. Responsible with limited areas and expertise.

3.      The Country (The market) decide your target market; make a survey collect data compared than to assume notions by bystanders. Where / who do I sell my product / services? Why would they buy?

4.      The Fortified City (Head Office) Make sure that there is comfortable work environment which is safe for colleges to work along.

5.      The Treasury (Money) everybody understands it you need to have money to start off also at the same time you should manage well the money that you have.

6.      The Army (The Team) The people who are associated in the daily working where actually the executive work takes place should be well equipped and aware of the responsibilities. They should understand their own work.

7.      The Ally (Friend) it is easy to get unidirectional in order to achieve a motive. Friends, consultants in the same field you seeking knowledge; should be brought into the loop which would help for more insights. Mind it the key work is ‘selected’ and not the whole wide world.

These points are the whole pie which make it complete, any of the parts missing would not complete the pie. These same principals can be applied in personal life as well, but as far as business is concerned it is clear demarcation of responsibilities and applicability of people. Nay the idea of entrepreneurship is to make money, yes that is fact; but for sustainable business it should be fair / ethical work practises to all associated as well. The leader is centre point; the leader should be energetic, optimistic and logical towards his work and colleges.

The vision of the leader shall lead the crowd to where it would reach. It is essential for the leader not only to lead but also to be humble enough to understand the other side of the table. A good strategy is of vital importance but applicability would surpass its importance when applied. Take actions and actions lead to responsibility of those actions. Open to new; but matured with experience is the mix and balance that a leader needs to have in ample.

The leader who will not instigate; will not motivate but inspire to excellence would reach heights. The growth is inevitable when a mission to reach a new height and footing perfectly on the ground. That is when the leader is able to sit on both sides of the table.

The aspects which are a must for a leader can be well understood with the whole brain model by Ned Herrmann please refer to Figure 1 below. The leader cannot only be Logical without being Emotional at the same time a leader cannot be Holistic without being sequential. These may clearly not define what a leader / what an entrepreneurship is? It clearly defines what a leader / entrepreneurship should have to be called one.   

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Obfuscate and......

How much good news is good? Is the news ever good; the demonic performing few good deeds is justified to call it for a good character. How much bad is bad so that it can be proclaimed as good? Is it unwritten law that for some good, there has to be Brobdingnagian loses? Bloody family talks are shifting from family to daily soaps; to top it up like the icing on the cake; the examples, model characters and society overview are coming from the idiot box. Our culture has gone for a ride and custodians of culture want to be proclaimed themselves as demigods! The brand image the new generation carries is that it has gone to waste.

Mobiles phones with “what’s app”, “bbm”, “gtalk”, “fb” everything right there to communicate how much are we talking? Essays of messages can be sent but when a call, boss I am busy! Good question to think about connectivity is are all these to connect or increase distances. What the.....coming back to a more interesting incident on culture, been to a very old, reputed (manna hua mandir; no location revealed because of our senti people who might take an offence for no damn good reason though), if to explain I am a mobile phone then I am in that case in “pooja, bhakti wala” mode. You enter and there is a huge line fair enough; chaos around fair enough; c’mon city lives are no different so it normal used to it stuff. Finally reached inside the temple for offering prayers; the milk is being wasted not only being wasted it is the same that falling on the floor, making it as tacky as much as you could think about, dirt, milk through away plastic cups around the floor; what a mess!

Never the less let’s move on, it is more like an adventure sport to get the glimpse of the idol and when you nearing, the custodians would jump on you to make your offerings. The offerings you wana give and the one on which they settle down does not have any co relation at all. As if the blessings are directly proportional to the offerings being made. Let’s move on again; after all we are used to mutatis mutandis, I have a question how would you expect the young to be attracted to continue or learn our rituals in such a chaos? Culture and rituals are two different things I agree completely. The point I am trying to bring forward is the culture is the gateway to rituals and not vice versa; but practically and sadly we are exposed to rituals first then to the culture.

What is right? The fully faltu daily soaps running practically 24 x 7 with at least two repeat telecasts a day on the idiot box. The culture I want to learn and attach too is more or less leading to ill feelings than blessings. What are we adopting? What are we leaving behind do we even has a clue of what all we are leaving behind? Is the culture really important or culture is what was made ages back when the laws did not exist to make sure a human being behaves like humans and not animals? Do any of these actually make sense now to pursue or to follow? Or is it that because of few rituals we are forgetting the ages old enormous wealth of knowledge that our ancestors left for us.

My inability to understand the whole might lead me to take sides whichever side I choose I would like to know the whole of it so that I am sure of my decision till then it is obfuscate.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cowards and corrupt

Coward: English dramatist and actor and composer noted for his witty and sophisticated comedies (1899-1973) or A person who shows fear or timidity; the later one is just too subtle to explain exactly what they are so why I have something new. A by product of human species they are neither human nor a species; cannot fight in the broad day light but bombard with dud costing lives of innocent people. This by product would not even fight for cause; especially because there is no cause. The extent of their inability to find a cause can be understood from the fact; nobody even has the guts to claim of their doings lately. Let me know if don’t agree with these aimless, unethical and headless chicken’s this by product of the so called human race.

Corrupt ha ha ha we have become a standing joke in the name of corruption, a study of 183 countries that how strongly you can enforce a contract (formal agreement in India). You know what we stand 182[1] wow so amazing! Let me enlighten you now. The more the number the less reliable you are to enforce a contract. How was that now? Corrupts have to evolved and upgraded to the extent that would sell of their soul only if they could find the right price. Don’t even try to think that these corrupt could think about the other people’s cost of lives forget ethics.

The blasts that took place at 10:14 am on 07th September 2011, in Delhi (the state capital, the country capital) “OUTSIDE” the high court at gate number 5, casualties increasing last I heard over the news was 9, more than 60 injured. “OUTSIDE” is of importance, the police have to claim that they did not have any intelligence for the blasts (Tell me something new I am sick and tired of listening to the same old story as much as I am sick and tired of listening to the fuel prices going up). The other important thing the police claimed very strongly is the blast happened outside the premises of the court in a public area. I have a multibillion dollar question for you who tango foxtrot is responsible for the security at the public places?

The idea is to transfer the blame from one person to the other, from one agency to the other agency nobody for the responsibility but blame every tom dick and harry on this earth. I don’t believe that paroxysm can happen in a country like India just like that. We humans have a tendency to perform under fear. If we fear breaking a law we would think about it before doing it. The fear of being caught, a fear of being prosecuted, a fear to be punished for the wrong done. This really does not work in India right? Obfuscate is nothing and wrong is absolute. Corrupts walk freely and the ones that could the see the brief of prison with special privileges make it no less than a star hotel with free meals and health benefits to live onto.

The Indian law system works in a way wherein a person caught has to be proved guilty in the court, the other way of law in Europe is that you have been caught; you have to prove yourself innocent. I am not trying to change the law system I am just trying to say that we have good law system. When would the applicability come to life? You trying to tell me a man held for serial blasts in India, in Indian prison living on tax payer’s money has been given more security than the tax payers and the prosecution could not prove him guilty for year together.  

Amazing quote by the ex chief justice of India just too apt “teri barbadiyon ke mashuwaren hai aasmano mein, teri barbadiyon ke masheuwaren hai aasmano mein, na badloge toh mit jayoge, na badloge toh mit jayoge, ae Hindustan walo teri dastaan bhi na hogi dastano mein”

Let’s be the change, if we could stand together for our own lives, we would stand for long. I abrogate against the innocent losing their lives for no reason. I abrogate against corruption that is weakening my country like the woodpecker to the wood. I abrogate to the inability of ours to come along and resist injustice and define freedom.