Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rebuffed citizenry

How much are we hearing the Jan lokpall bill? How much are we able to hear about Kiran Bedi, Anna Hazar or Kejriwal? For second thoughts; is everything in media or the general public forgotten in a brandish? When it is there, it is the only thing that is there; and then it evanesces (and gone for good, bad actually obscure disappearance takes place with no closing). Are we actually used to ‘chalta hai’? And even if that being the case when does it seem to stop? Loads of questions right, but think about it! When the fasting by Anna or Ramdev and again Anna was on that was the only thing as left on earth to discuss about. Go to office that story is the first greeting, go to see friends they would talk about it, see the news (Oscar Mike Gold; the number is increasing; every minute detail was a news) walk by and you can over hear the people talking about it. Now what?

Are you trying to tell me that so many people who had come together have been given a capsule to ‘forget partial memories’? New problems, old solutions or old problems and new sham statements. Everything is actually crystal clear; the end notion is nothing happening (tell me something new). This dialog we have heard a number of times in our movies ‘have you ever seen a corrupt politician being charged of their doings?’ well let’s not stretch this. But one last multimillion question to be asked ‘has the media also forgotten about it? Or it made sure that don’t talk about it?’ ssshhhh koi hai.

Let’s talk something new now borders are under a threat! Ok tell me something new about it again, well the new thing is that before they were a threat only at the borders; lately it has been found out that they are entering our territory and making their presence felt by marking the stones. I guess basically creating a landmark map don’t you think? It is kind of important and of great concern that the cities, the borders are not being appropriately guarded. Will we wake up again when it is too late or till then ‘chalta hai’ would continue.

It is not that I have forgotten; it is not that I don’t care; it is not that I can’t do anything about it; it is au found ‘chalta hai’ my question is how long? Scams and the moolah consociated is just a number now; it only starts with crores and ends with lined up zeros behind it. There is no blame game here I want to bring to surface let that be to the politicians. Here I am to bring about a fundamental question do we want to change? Corruption is adept when it for me; but a curse when for the public! Well is that how we plan to fight corruption? Is it the reason that there was the wave where everybody was together standing for it, but now we stand fragmented?

Loads of questions asked let’s try to seek a few suffice solutions. We should be able to understand what we are standing for! (Yes we are talking too much and feasibility is too little, not that it cannot happen; is it sustainable and fair at large, should be the point of determination). The Government is trying and making everything electronic lately the service tax etc. etc. shall be paid electronically (the concerned should take out time attend training and actually help them to come up with valuable and specific issues so that they can do their bit). You have a right to seek information and officials have duty to provide the same (sitting on their head and getting the information on the spot is not a lasting solution as far as I see, persistence is the key). As greatly, wisely said ‘be the change you want to see’ change might not come as the whole that we want to see, change is what we need to do our bit for it.

One statement that was made by one the Judges of India some time back apt and apt is the only word I can say “Watan ki fikra kar nadan; teri barbadiyon ke mashware hai aasmanon mein, teri barbadiyon ke mashware hai aasmanon mein; Na samjhoge toh mit jaoge e Hidustanwalon; teri dastan tak na hogi dastano mein” If we fail to act now, me may run a risk never to act again.

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