Thursday, September 22, 2011

Obfuscate and......

How much good news is good? Is the news ever good; the demonic performing few good deeds is justified to call it for a good character. How much bad is bad so that it can be proclaimed as good? Is it unwritten law that for some good, there has to be Brobdingnagian loses? Bloody family talks are shifting from family to daily soaps; to top it up like the icing on the cake; the examples, model characters and society overview are coming from the idiot box. Our culture has gone for a ride and custodians of culture want to be proclaimed themselves as demigods! The brand image the new generation carries is that it has gone to waste.

Mobiles phones with “what’s app”, “bbm”, “gtalk”, “fb” everything right there to communicate how much are we talking? Essays of messages can be sent but when a call, boss I am busy! Good question to think about connectivity is are all these to connect or increase distances. What the.....coming back to a more interesting incident on culture, been to a very old, reputed (manna hua mandir; no location revealed because of our senti people who might take an offence for no damn good reason though), if to explain I am a mobile phone then I am in that case in “pooja, bhakti wala” mode. You enter and there is a huge line fair enough; chaos around fair enough; c’mon city lives are no different so it normal used to it stuff. Finally reached inside the temple for offering prayers; the milk is being wasted not only being wasted it is the same that falling on the floor, making it as tacky as much as you could think about, dirt, milk through away plastic cups around the floor; what a mess!

Never the less let’s move on, it is more like an adventure sport to get the glimpse of the idol and when you nearing, the custodians would jump on you to make your offerings. The offerings you wana give and the one on which they settle down does not have any co relation at all. As if the blessings are directly proportional to the offerings being made. Let’s move on again; after all we are used to mutatis mutandis, I have a question how would you expect the young to be attracted to continue or learn our rituals in such a chaos? Culture and rituals are two different things I agree completely. The point I am trying to bring forward is the culture is the gateway to rituals and not vice versa; but practically and sadly we are exposed to rituals first then to the culture.

What is right? The fully faltu daily soaps running practically 24 x 7 with at least two repeat telecasts a day on the idiot box. The culture I want to learn and attach too is more or less leading to ill feelings than blessings. What are we adopting? What are we leaving behind do we even has a clue of what all we are leaving behind? Is the culture really important or culture is what was made ages back when the laws did not exist to make sure a human being behaves like humans and not animals? Do any of these actually make sense now to pursue or to follow? Or is it that because of few rituals we are forgetting the ages old enormous wealth of knowledge that our ancestors left for us.

My inability to understand the whole might lead me to take sides whichever side I choose I would like to know the whole of it so that I am sure of my decision till then it is obfuscate.

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  1. The perception of Offerings are directly proportional to the blessings also makes way for people to give Gold and Silver donations right! When they have eyes and selfishness to give to the Gods , why not the poor who if they uplift can make things and their blessings (since they are already selfish!) actually be soulful and make them reach for the higher realms in the Spirit world! The very God they pray to give them some sense! Great views from you! Enjoyed reading it thouroughly!