Friday, January 29, 2010

In Grieve In pain....

I had to write, there is nothing better I could have done, in grieve in pain...yes that is how it all falls apart, amazingly I remember in terms of spirituality "we are spiritual beings having human experiences" no matter how it sounds but trust me so it is true.
We have come here and then the conditioning of everything starts, right from our first breath to our last breath, in due course we come across small small little little things in life obviously the big ones as well, we were taught to relish essence our life, to respect, love, care, and the list to eons, then we grew up and everything was winning, career, money and to the eons, interestingly we picked up the latter groundings as the grounding in which the wonderful piece of art, the life was to be constructed, as there are two parts of the brain the outer brain called the dura matter and the inner part the pia matter, same is the carnation done with us, we have built ourselves to the materialistic virtues leaving behind the actual lessons we have come to have an humanly experience.
As we are here right now on this earth having human experience, obviously we are bound to attract ourselves with the earthly experiences, the dawn the dusk, the wealth the poverty, the angel the demon, the joy the pain, the love the hatred, now this is were everything comes to stand still, no matter how we are into our materialistic world someday or the other we feel cause we are humans, so human have feelings. Yes but the most beautiful, strongest of dams fall apart cause of a tiny brick which could not support it and there the dams follows in water which had the power to make it stand still, surprising yet true.

When we are in love, we feel immense joy,(just a great feeling) did you question yourself are you the worthy one of that joy(what kind of question is that) so I believe that you haven't asked it to yourself right, so why do we question when we are in pain, when somebody is not around, where every place, every song, every phone call you receive, every thing that you see, reminds of somebody, somebody you loved, cherished, accepted, bonded with(well that is going to happen because I was so much into it) so you accept it, all you looked forward was joy and you didn't have the time question yourself, then why when things fall apart your happiness goes to "elohim" of devils, why do you questing yourself for grieve for the pain. No I am not saying that you should not feel bad about it, what I am trying to ask you is was that somebody worth it. Think about it if everything you had, is given if everything that you could ,was done and still there is somebody who could not turn back and care for you, why are you in pain.

We would feel pain because it our mode of life where we are here to experience everything the good the bad, take it as a lesson and not the end of the book called "Life" a many get it, a few relish it but actually a few live it. You are here and so there are situations that are go na let you down, the situations can let you down but you cannot let down your life, the best learning are when we are weak, it might sound absurd but think about it, it is true the best learning happens when you are weak, cause the thrust in you to oppose has gone away, let your pain, your grieve be your strength, the strength towards positivity towards a new living, towards a better life, whatever has happened is past you can't change it, what ever will come, you would only know when you live it now, so build up your strength to live now, there is nothing that can change your past your pains, there is nothing that can change the future because you don't know, everything is right here right now.

Free yourselves from worries, which you have not faced(will face it, but not right now, so why think from now you will, but not now), free yourself of the trauma(which cannot be changed), free yourself from the mistakes you never made, live now as no tomorrow to happiness is now, the sulk feeling will follow cause after all we are spritual being having human experiences, the pain cannot shatter you, the pain has be the strength towards life in new positive way, mind you positive is the key word, it is the only way you can progress, it is easy to be negative but takes courage to be positive and always remember "Mind over matter" Mind has devastating as well enlightening power, it is in your hands which way to lead.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can Enlightenment bring in Loneliness

Can Enlightenment bring in loneliness the honest answer is yes to it, but if you believe in this myth I would suggest you read further before you could have a final say over it. Just a quick note before we move further Enlightenment can only be felt in solitude, I hope you have an idea now that what would be ahead of this….

What does loneliness means, the dictionary to me it says

Sadness resulting from being forsaken or abandoned or

A disposition toward being alone

OK now let’s try to define solitude, to me the dictionary says

The state of isolation.

So isn’t that both the things refer to almost same thing, I would suggest read between the lines, the difference can be best explained by a person winning a race and a person who earns a silver, but not gold, I am sure we all must have felt the same experience somewhere in our lives as well, that is the difference of being almost.

There was this book I was going through, in which there was a phrase referred from the bible “Go built our temple, build with no tools and making no noise”, if anyone had to make sense out of it, it’s simple is to go build a temple and spread the word of the religion, but my dear friend consider it with no tools, how would it be possible? So thoughtful, well it says later that “you are the temple of God” it means that urge is created to create temples of our minds. Scandalized !!! I thought so, let me put it across this way, we all have heard that “God is within us” still there are temples we go for, probably because we have taken the literal meaning of the knowledge passed through ages from our forefathers, now coming to the point the more that we have learnt the more I guess we have deviated from the path, the more have we made out the literal meanings of enormous banks of knowledge.

Do you agree that we are re inventing the inventions? I guess you would, everything that has been mentioned in our ages old literature had not the need to re invent anything, whereas we are in the phase of life still progressing and trying to invent, think about it this way, a person if from the 15th century was suddenly to come here and have a look at us, won’t he feel that we are gods, well he would. cause we now own some knowledge that the people at that time frame did not, making us clearly gods, exactly the point is that we have god within us, now think about the people around you as gods so many of them “Elohim” so many of us, yet we have not been able to understand, what was passed by our forefathers.

Let us come back to enlightenment, as mentioned above enlightenment came from solitude, difficult to believe well think about it is this way, when you made your presence felt on this earth you were alone and the same applies when you leave, when you come here you are enlightened with light, air and a numerous other things, crying, nobody I guess can teach crying when the baby is born, so the enlightenment is there and it has happened in solitude, nobody has helped to it, but let’s move further he is a person and has attained material knowledge and material wealth and then he feels I am enlightened but also I am lonely, please wait then you have not enlightened yourself, because if you would been enlightened, you would have also agreed to detachment, detachment is to feel you and yourself. Whereas lonely is yourself and isolation is you.

Enlightenment is happening or enlightenment is yet to happen, when you feel enlightened you would also feel, the synchronicity between attachment and detachment, this is when you would also feel that I am enlightened but not lonely, I am enlightened but isolated.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Occult destiny Part I

Occult Destiny Part I(just the starting)

Ok think about it you have something in mind, something that is there and you are still not satisfied something that is running through your brains, like vroom now that is something that happened, something that just went by, but what if, what if you cannot describe it, what if you are unable to make out, ignoring has helped but still not vanished that something just passes by, I can feel it, at times hear it, but I can’t make out of it, still confused yes, but I am not referring to the devil inside you right now, I am talking about the secret that you know and you believe that you know, what you cannot express it, cause you don’t have access to that secret, you still cannot make out what went by, yes you are missing the key to the secret.

Hidden fears and deep down scars to your heart, nothing that it matters, but something that you are not able to forgive yourself for…..lets think again….you are unable to sleep 3 am in the morning you have heard a hand trying to open your bedrooms door, you still wide awake as you could not sleep, you are sure that there was somebody at the door, you opened instead you not wanting to and still find nobody, empty space and for a second you feel the vacuum inside yourself, you can’t deny cause you heard it yourself….yes there was somebody, you are driving and you feel that there is an accident that is go na happen, you cross the road left a turn and you find an accident, now matter how fast you passed a vacuum inside is there, you feel that have a reason to be born, because there is reason for death, what if you are unable to justify the reason for your being…

Things that happen you think about a friend whom you had met years ago and suddenly you see that person in front of you synrodestiny, or co incidence I guess I have one more word to it occult destiny, the one mentioned before only give you a reason to think the one later also gives you a reason to feel, it gives you also the vacuum of your life, lets make it simpler.

What if you come to know what is going to happen this very movement (I am saying this very movement) like you get to know 2 seconds before you are going to get struck by lighting, yes your hair on hands and legs would stand till the end, but you are too late by the time you know it….why the unknown fears we have graved inside us not been taken out, which just make it more difficult to live and then the unknown happens you think it and it happens, but the problem is no matter how good you wana think that never comes up and whatever devil speak to you happens in front of your eyes, do you hold yourself responsible for it…or you forget it as a dream, occult destiny is still far but if you can feel the vacuum be sure that occult destiny is coming to you shortly keeping reading for knowing of occult destiny……

Me let’s see how many occult destinies are waiting for an answer……