Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Occult destiny Part I

Occult Destiny Part I(just the starting)

Ok think about it you have something in mind, something that is there and you are still not satisfied something that is running through your brains, like vroom now that is something that happened, something that just went by, but what if, what if you cannot describe it, what if you are unable to make out, ignoring has helped but still not vanished that something just passes by, I can feel it, at times hear it, but I can’t make out of it, still confused yes, but I am not referring to the devil inside you right now, I am talking about the secret that you know and you believe that you know, what you cannot express it, cause you don’t have access to that secret, you still cannot make out what went by, yes you are missing the key to the secret.

Hidden fears and deep down scars to your heart, nothing that it matters, but something that you are not able to forgive yourself for…..lets think again….you are unable to sleep 3 am in the morning you have heard a hand trying to open your bedrooms door, you still wide awake as you could not sleep, you are sure that there was somebody at the door, you opened instead you not wanting to and still find nobody, empty space and for a second you feel the vacuum inside yourself, you can’t deny cause you heard it yourself….yes there was somebody, you are driving and you feel that there is an accident that is go na happen, you cross the road left a turn and you find an accident, now matter how fast you passed a vacuum inside is there, you feel that have a reason to be born, because there is reason for death, what if you are unable to justify the reason for your being…

Things that happen you think about a friend whom you had met years ago and suddenly you see that person in front of you synrodestiny, or co incidence I guess I have one more word to it occult destiny, the one mentioned before only give you a reason to think the one later also gives you a reason to feel, it gives you also the vacuum of your life, lets make it simpler.

What if you come to know what is going to happen this very movement (I am saying this very movement) like you get to know 2 seconds before you are going to get struck by lighting, yes your hair on hands and legs would stand till the end, but you are too late by the time you know it….why the unknown fears we have graved inside us not been taken out, which just make it more difficult to live and then the unknown happens you think it and it happens, but the problem is no matter how good you wana think that never comes up and whatever devil speak to you happens in front of your eyes, do you hold yourself responsible for it…or you forget it as a dream, occult destiny is still far but if you can feel the vacuum be sure that occult destiny is coming to you shortly keeping reading for knowing of occult destiny……

Me aniketjhaster@gmail.com let’s see how many occult destinies are waiting for an answer……

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