Saturday, December 11, 2010

Infernal calling paradise within.....

Ebon is the shade around! Not due the lack of amber; but because of the lost need to be chromatic. A lot is by force, but honestly it is more by choice. The invisible fences have taken over, without me realizing that I am no longer part of supernal but an infernal. The darkness has started pulling me and enlightenment making me feel midget. What have I done?

I am deaf to own self; wish I had the acoustic to hear my own self......but it seems to be late, it seems the little voice is not calling for me anymore, it is the something I miss, I can’t perform the nomenclature for it; but I miss this something, it made me happy, it made me remember people without requests, it still there? I wish to hear it again! Where is it? Still calling for me or succumbed beneath the masks saying ‘this is rational, this is where it is supposed to be, this is better, this if favourable, this is .......’.

Is it better to be lonely or alone in a crowd? I never wanted to be like this, but you know because of this I have become like this, because of this I am sceptical, Because Because Because!!! I don’t wana justify me anymore. The more I look outside for happiness, the more loneliness takes over inside me. I know it is an illusion, but how do I break the illusion to understand that happiness is enlightenment inside. There is nothing new in this, have heard it a zillion number of times, look inside for happiness, happiness is a feeling, love is neither adjustment or compromise, honesty would bring you peace. I agree! Can we also agree to disagree? That is; we both agree that we could, we would disagree. Then can the truth be changed, can the rising of the sun, called to be a mirage just because the clouds don’t allow you to see it.

Nobody talks rocket science, the most important things in life are basic, easy to differentiate like the difference between black and white. When it is that simple, why so difficult to find? We love to live our lives to the best, claiming to be fully satisfied and intended to be comfortable, with a small tag line below all this saying that ‘conditions apply’. The world made me a thorn and you expect me not to cause pain! It is always easy to pass the blame, what is difficult is to confront! That though I am a thorn I don’t want to add to somebody’s pain.

There is something new for the people talk about love these days it is the ‘caustic love’ it is like I don’t wana fall into to it because it may hurt. Firstly love is when people rise, it is when, and it strengthens them for the better today, tomorrow and a delightful yesterday. If it is decided with days, decided by time, decided by circumstances; it is anything but not love. Let the brawl inside you rise so that it bursts, because when the floods have searched their way back to the sea, they leave behind is a fertile land, no matter how destructive the volcano is, it leaves behind land to rebuilt and live.

Don’t let the small little voice be unheard within you, because the more you suppress the more claxon it sounds, until not heard at all. Ephemeral is we, too short span to keep the grudge, the weight is too much, let yourself be detached from the feelings, don’t forget the lesson, but don’t carry the feeling, degaussed to feel the feeling be a taboo. So that when coup de grace takes over me I have a life to see in a few moments left, it better be worth a watch.

Paradise is right here, don’t let the infernal take over you and disguise you with the absence of the sun.


  1. Thought provoking post and beautiful photo :)

  2. Well I have to agree with you, but love for someone or something does not happen in one takes time to know someone, to love them and to appreciate them with both their flaws and qualities. So when you say that " If it is decided with days, decided by time, decided by circumstances; it is anything but not love." ..I cant really agree..If u fall for someone just by being with them for 1 hour, its mere attraction ...but if u have been with them for a long time and accept them the way they are and still feel attracted ..then maybe its love..and yes i do have to agree with " I dont wanna fall into it because it may hurt" ..well..thats like giving excuses and trying to hide inside a shell..that cannot be love..its more of self love and self protection !
    Another thing..your posts are really nice and the photos are awesome ..I think my personal fav is the Regent's Park one, with the ice and fountain.. Thanks for uploading it.

  3. Thank you for your comments, lets elaborate a bit more, you know somebody from years, still you would find new things happening with that person and you will have something about that person always to know. Love is not decided by things, it is you feel, you go ahead and then let it take its own shape, but when u think xyz things and then go ahead it is not love, also attraction is the first step in falling in love, it is only a perpetual attraction that leads to love for life. Hope this responds to you, any more ideas please fell free to share.

  4. Well I still beg to differ :) And there is always my side, your side and the right side.. :) so its cool.

  5. Sure we can completely agree to disagree, if you would like to discuss feel free to speak aloud, just an addition, it can be different that you believing that you know a person and actually how much you know that person.

  6. Well I cannot disagree with the last bit..:)

  7. nothing matters when in love , but there are external factors that influence any decision.the inception of love is attraction the foundation of love is trust and from my recent experience the true realization of love happens when your away from it.distance makes you realize what you miss in life and when that dawns upon you never miss the chance to make up , because true love cannot fade away it can stand all tests of distance ,patience and strive hard to achieve the ultimate goal of togetherness.