Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How close is too close and distances apart

Simple as it may be to read, difficult as to answer; common as known to everybody, subjective as a feeling unknown to anybody else. Let’s try to answer this how close is too close? For a person, for a thing, for a want; what says "this is the limit"?

Let try an example before we start taking sides, blame games, it’s the only option; kind of things. You are travelling in a taxi in the rear seat, the love of your life sitting next to you, leaving no distance, even for the air to breath, would you mind that? Generally people would not. Another example you travelling in a crowded bus, there person next to you is like an inch away still you feel uncomfortable? Yes.  One more example you been taunted, by person A you feel offended, the same thing, same tempo everything same the person B says, you don’t mind at all. Being close is a feeling.

We decide what is close and what is not, nobody else can come up and speak for you, it is a feeling borne by only you; because nobody can feel what you can, it is a part of you. You meet somebody and you can discuss your life, like discussing a book; you know somebody from ages, but a simple question where are you up to? Can make you feel like confronting to that person. Is the distance between people to be counted in miles and light years or millimetres and vacuum? It was impossible a few centuries ago to see something happening away from your eyes, we call it television today. We believe so much at times that, this is what I can see, so ought to be the truth, the truth is what you see and what has happened has a difference though of nanoseconds but does exist. The truth may be stranger than fiction.

Being close is like everything else filled with options, you want to be or you don’t want to be. What affects your decision of being close? At times it is more of people around you that decide how close is too close rather than you deciding for yourself. Adding to that are the notions bombarded by these external factors which help you miserably to believe in your own want and apt distance to be close. You meet people everyday some you like, whereas there are a few, who have done nothing wrong but still, you don’t feel comfortable or stay away. It is always easier to run away; difficult to face it; and more difficult to explain to yourself when discriminating that now you are running away or now you are facing it.

Suddenly then this new idea pops up “I need time” is time the deciding factor or the declining factor. There is no surety and no guarantee of anything to be honest, there is only one thing that is constant and unchangeable that is the change itself. Don’t let people over rule you. Don’t turn away from your own feelings. Distance in humans are not measured in miles, they are measured with the distance between their hearts. I do not mean just jump into anything, anytime. It is just that you decide; what is close! What is too close! Or what is the distance apart! Trust yourself before, you trust others, fall in love with yourself, before falling in love with others, decide for yourself, before others deciding for others. No matter who decides what, it is you who shall face it. Take the responsibility to call it your own life.

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  1. Just an addition to questions, comments received if you have made a decision already, then you have chosen the outcome. You have to try and be open to outcomes but if your outcome is already decided in your head, it does not matter what would happen, you have already made your point.