Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How close am I to ME?

Who am I? What am me? Have we thought about it? Does it really matter? Aren’t these too many questions to think about? Just to recall your distinctively vivid memory which I am sure you have to the best of your knowledge. Remember saying “I am happy being me myself” or “I love to be me” or “it was not me it just happened....” or “are you talking to me?” or the list goes on and on..... I am sure you can remember at least one instance right? Alright even nay ‘cause I have never made such statement’ I am sure you know somebody who has ever made it? What is the essence? That there is something as ‘me’ and there is something as ‘i’ so? Read on I am sure something would catch your eyes.

So now we know that I and me are different right? Let’s move a bit forward let I be the ‘ego’ and me be the ‘real me’ I may be the one you project to the world whereas me being knowing yourself(the darkest side of you, obviously the brightest as well) I be what you think and me be what you feel. What was the last time; under no guidance of nescience you could differentiate between what you think and what you feel? “I think this is a bad deal but me feel; it is worth the try” or the fratricide has been committed without the personage allowed to speak. The world may or shall look at you as the way you want to show. I do its best to show “I am......” there is not an end, me is I wana feel paradise.

The caprice can be mercantile or quaint. We are so focused onto; with improving or accepting or dejecting the relations with the whole wide world (www) that at times or most; we forget there is still a sound within me that is ‘me’. I don’t want to get hurt, but we do. I don’t want to be rejected, we do. I don’t want to spoil this, we do. Defeat it inevitable, but battles lost also purports winning wars only if we continue to learn, improve and not come under the influence of ‘lost hopes’. I am bound by the ego, to deny the acceptance; me wants, because I thinks, it is not right. How do I overcome this tug of war? Me is not weak accept it, if the me is hurt, me has lost trust let me take control and avoid the circumstances I think would not happen again. Pitch black darkness shall dissociate you from your shadow, me shall not.

How much time do you take out to have a word with ‘me’ difficult to remember? It does not imply that you become biased and start listening to me, it is just that have ample opportunity to understand the difference, to choose to have a choice. Anything too close cannot be seen, anything to far cannot be understood, strike the balance. I shall do everything to please the people in the world; it would not be that difficult to please the one inside. Don’t get into the rat race of moving on in life, for example if the dustbin is not cleared everyday it starts to pile up, next starts to stink, next looks ugly than it was, next you just can’t bear it anymore. Similarly detach yourself from I, have no pre conceived notions then look at it, the view would be clear, peaceful and enlightening.

I and me make you, not either of them. Don’t be afraid to present your subtle thoughts to someone, before it becomes unconquerable peaks. Let go, if you want it come back to you, but not lose yourself and accept it whenever it comes back to you. Your best friend can be you, if you allow it to be; most trust worthy is you, if you accept to be; best shoulder is yours to cry upon. Don’t expect from the world, if you have doubts with yourself. Life is never fair; shall never be; be fair to you. Best teacher is the crowd, that makes you feel lonely, learn from it. Not lose hope within; there shall be no soul to support who does not want to support him. I and me is you and you are the creator of your own destiny for dynasty.