Friday, December 10, 2010

If you have pre notions.....the outcome is certain

Let’s start vague, if you have made up your mind that a person is knave, even if that person is not. It does not matter; to you, that person is knave right!!! But your comment, actually that person is knave, how do you know it? Think about it well before you answer. Alright let’s move forward to something concrete. It is not going to work out? You have made up your mind that it is not going to work out, irrespective of one billionth of the possibility! “you have made up your mind”. The outcome is set; it is not going to happen! I remember a few lines I always keep referring to from ‘the alchemist’ “If you wish something from the bottom of your heart, the whole world shall conspire to make it happen” it will! Or it will? If you wish it from the bottom of your heart. Let’s still move a step ahead, what tells you it won’t; isn’t it your brains? Most of the things that are so important are not things and when they are so vital in your life they are from your heart, eureka!

With reference to my previous blogs, I had received a mail long and interesting enough to take an hour actually to understand and revert, finally with the threads of mail I asked one simple question? What do you want? The answer was surprising to me, we want to stay together BUT because of the milieu and stage we are at in our careers; we can’t, so we would have to forget each other!!! I said you have already decided ‘that is it!!!!’ the outcome is already set, that you are going to post your names in the list of people who have achieved martyrdom! ‘But’ is unnoticed increased exposure towards the dusk to never see the dawn again, mind it. I do not say go against and fight for anything you feel like. Just for heaven sake think about it, the same details you recalling now and going through again and again were the same details then as well!?.......if you did not think before, don’t think too much before giving your best and the last shot now as well.

Another amazing apt case I would like to share with you, a boy and girl had no problems, could have happily married without a hassle, but the girl would always come up with an question “You would never leave me and go na?” constantly all the time, out of the blue. Without actual grounds and reasonable reasons eerie are built up and those people broke up, mind it after 4 long years. Whenever there is something special, either you trust or you don’t, it is nothing like 99% whenever things are not cent percent, trust me it is like buying yourself a credit card, all this is for free but read between the lines it says conditions apply.

Try writing on a black board, alright let’s become “mod” the white board, when there are already a million things scribbled over it, you write in some more how easy are you making it to read? Actually no it shall mess all the more. Exactly when you have already decided; ‘exactly’ what to do about an unknown circumstances, unknown facts, unknown human being; you have already locked the doors! Amazing saying “Experience mars experience” if you don’t clean the board before scribbling, it will be a mess and if you don’t write anymore it is no more learning.

“There is no possibility”, people do come up with such bold statements, let me bring across a few milestones, centuries back, earth was flat! Somebody called it oval and got killed, poor Galileo. The poet’s imaginations that love birds would be able to talk miles apart, he would see her here and she would see him there, impossible centuries ago, mobile phones we call it today! There is only one thing which is not dynamic and that is the change itself.

Frailty is not a crime, but lessons learn it. Caprice are sudden, experience it. Heresy is not uncommon; just don’t push it too hard. Holocaust shall happen; if your stakes are with the wrong person. Infernal is nobody but only the person who showed you the gateway to paradise and never took you across. Marred would be there if things were superficial, hearts would be broken if things were just not things. A miracle happens to those who believe in it. Don’t judge too quickly, because there is always your side my side and right side.

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