Sunday, January 30, 2011

Irony of sales pitch

I can sell anything, I have a proven record; I can sell comb to the bald; these statements are not unheard in the field some may have faced it, some may have said, some may have practised it. What exactly happens when a few make to the heights and a load of them actually just sulk inside the chair in the office; which is where they don’t even belong to?

I have heard funny theories for sales, just give whatever it takes and get the deal. You have to lie and once he is the customer we can figure that out later. If the deal does not go off you are in trouble!!! The deal would have gone well (your boss) if you would have told (irrelevant to the deal) him that (what? Even if that was about the weather in your home town) to put it simply there are two kinds of people who are in the sales field and stick for more time than others. The good ones and the bad ones.

The bad ones are the ones who can sell the comb to the bald, so basically they create the need for their product right? Actually no this is not how it goes, I tell you that “you are going to need this magic stick which glows in the dark when the electricity goes off, just keep it plugged to the socket”

U “I don’t need it, I have a backup generator”
I “Sir you know the increasing fuel prices, plus the time when you are yet to start, if something goes wrong, the kids might be playing on the stairs”
U “I don’t have stairs inside my house”
I “Sir this is on a special offer at a throw away price and you don’t want to be in the dark when things go black and you would like to save money”
U “Fine I will take it”

Problem is when he comes to know that the magic stick was the reason for the fuse to go off.

Persuasive, full crap, giving a high, needless of the use and required details this sells trust me even this sells you know why cause in general, all we concentrate is on; the first and third point, whereas there is so much more to know but we like it with the high. The product is sold the boss is happy that’s is the deal, this is a short term deal always remember the ones who lie and move forward I don’t deny they do, yes they do move up the ladder but only to a point cause after a point also comes responsibility, then there are serious decisions to be made and you don’t know what implications would that be on the market!! cause all you have done is either bitched about the other product or licked the customer to get your product sold  (pardon my language but you and I know it gets more messy in the field)

 What sells on and on; a complete in and out knowledge of the product, even if you made to get up in the middle of night you know the logics if not the actual way it works. Be honest to the customer make everything black and white and not grey (black and white is clear with understanding of how much you can bend, don’t lose your dignity and integrity, it is not being rude it is the clarity of thoughts) “Sir this is possible this is not possible; this can be done this cannot be done very straight; firm but tenderly” let the customer speak, crib, nag about everything that he knows; that is the key to final deal.

Patience have a lots of it cause once the deal is almost fixed let the excitement be there but just still and there; untill it is done and have the same excitement even after sales when the customer complains (even if it is his mistake) cause you would have been out of job if he did not return! Focus on the solution and not on the blame game, that you did it wrong and I did it right, try the solution and if it is your mistake fix it even if it is his mistake let him know about it subtly, so that he does not take you for a ride. Market intelligence is the best when from your customers and re check for soldering it for your reports.

Keep your words, if you said it you will do it make sure it happens. Don’t give false promises (cause words spoken and promises broken are remembered till eternity) have a personal touch with the customers, give your honest opinion when asked for help (even if that is lost sales) he would tell 10 different people to come to you and might turn back again to you when in conflict. Don’t change your brands like your clothes; it takes time to build a reputation within a company and you as a representative outside the company, think well before your caprice decisions. A bad sales person looks for change and growth; the good sales person always has an offer ready for him.

Try and resolve the issues and try to satisfy the existing customers before you have to move on to the new ones, your existing can be gold mines (in the worlds of sales) rather than the new ones coal mines. Don’t be afraid to say no if there is no possibility and you see no scope say no. Don’t use spanky words cause all that glitters is not gold communication to the best understandable form should be the way to process things. Always pick up the call even if that means giving the bad news or else tell them that you get back once you have and something and do get back either ways.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Colours

All the colour are in the nature

Fences would not hold back the vision

The path continues 


Peace with sunlight

The most beautiful colours are all around us we just need to see the mesmerizing presence around us of their existence.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

In the name of green

There are many things which are at its best when just the way they are; nature is most beautiful work of art when actually found the way it looks. Let's try to re connect to the originality and the beauty of simplicity. Each of the following can be related to our very existence and each describes a story that can be connected to our life.
Ageless beauty 

What I want and what I am

Some recognition 

I will not run away when in unrest

At times we just forget the point

The best when unchanged

Life we have made

Old is because it stood right there

Small things matter a lot

reflection is what you are

Sometimes it is too good to see it

Irony of Life 

The barrier on the road is just the shadow

End could be a new start

Colours of life are there just raise your vision

Path to glory

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Thursday, January 20, 2011


It is not uncommon to the human race from time immortal to find reasons, answers and justify the existence of anything. If there is existence so is there a reason, anything heavier than the density of air cannot fly; was the fact, birds flying also had a reason; the fact is different today altogether. We need reasons!!! In this eternal race the soul was not far behind, it too had to prove its existence. Experiments tried and tested came up with a conclusion that soul exists, in the form of weight. One of the experiment concluded that there is an ounce reduced after the human body is mortal, checked and found correct to a few more.

Questions arise as I belong to the human race. There is a decision to be made it is only in my head uptill now I have not shared but still I have two different viewpoints one says this the other says that, if I may consider my brains to be this where is the that coming from? Soul is immortal according to a number of beliefs all around the world I’m abysmally religious but there are things I cannot deny. You meet somebody and you feel that you know that person since ages, you visit some place for the first time and it feels you have been to that place before “Dejavu” happens where did it come from if it is not now, not this life I remember but I know it exists cause I know I can feel it right now, right here or right with this person.

Nay known the absolute truth to me, thy does not have to believe nonentity of the same. It is midnight for me here but it early dawn for someone in some other part of the world is he wrong? I am sure you would agree no, this is truth for me right now and that is the truth for him right now. There is a life ahead of me lived by someone else on this very earth, the life I’m yet to live and we both can still communicate. A hypothetical situation a new building constructed round the corner, which was scatty five years before; what if you could communicate with yourself five years before saying that there will be a building round the corner; future.

A natural death is what? Everybody body part is functioning and there is something missing to run the show let that be soul. I would not argue on the existence of the soul buoyancy is soul to me; contrive is soul I feel. Errata is not by ‘HE’ it is the infernal who made the distinctions in his creations. Life is to live, to put simply “We are not human beings having spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having human experience” take your time assimilate the ideology, I still don’t claim it to be the absolute truth but I don’t deny the existence of the same. I understand it is exhume to dig out something feign ages ago, but ages is not what we know but it is what we assume we may know.

If soul could just come out and have a conversation with you would you believe? I will not assume and let it be the truth to you only. I was reading a book lately a nonplussing story was there ‘there was a kingdom, the people drank the water from the lake outside the castle for living, a magician added potion to that lake; that made the people go mad, the King and his family had a well inside for themselves which was not affected, everybody claimed that the King is crazy cause he was not behaving as the others did, to retain the throne he too drank the water from outside the castle and the dynasty lasted’ so is the truth it is yours and yours only, if Wright brothers and innumerous others would not have challenged the truth, the earth would have been flat and we would not have been able to fly.

Soul is you when you believe in yourself, soul is you when you love and treat yourself with respect, and soul is you when it is not different but an interminable part of you. Stodgy may be the truth but only because it yet to be accepted as the absolute, let not the winds of pariah; snuff out the wispy light in you, as no matter how time and time again shipwrecked you have been, unable to stand for oneself but you may have learnt in the due process to patronage someone on the path, as the point where you decide to give up may be the point of destination for someone.

Stories told

Each of them have their own stories, something they have been keeping to themselves since ages immortal, I am nay to interpret but maybe a medium to share the beautiful stories untold.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some may just choose HELL

It is not that that it is vogue; it is most commonly an unconscious choice made, consciously. Difficult to take the blame on yourself for what happened or was it you think it was completely your fault, in the first case it your guilt that does not allow you to blame yourself and in the latter case the ego, struck by a lighting thinking it is the opposite, well before we may move forward I nay no one to tell you but thy may agree there is defence mechanism; denial of the existence has been the accoutrement.

Something you might have felt, I had an option to stop; I wanted to stop; I knew this was overboard but then enlightened me still did not stop. The outcomes are not much of an importance but you knew and you continued, to keep something within you alive; to keep everything else outside of you destroyed. The guilt takes over, amorous strikes, irrespective how much wounded you are; still asking to be dealt with, still to be healed. Your guilt does not allow you to heal; amorous does not allow you to be you.

Eavesdropping is taking place within you; the blame game begins, the dawn of the dusk has begun. You may not realise but things are changing steadily, slowly, stagnant, flowing, healed and tore apart; all happening all at the same time, you are not ready to discuss; and when you start off it is not the right time. The beginnings happen from when once believed to be ended, the buried mortals are brought to life, forgetting the need and importance to reincarnate. It all happens not that you never knew what is happening, the desire to win irrespective of what and how much to lose. Careened is what you choose not what you were forced to.

I agree the words are fed into your mouth, accusations brought to trial without the right to plea; when you give in and stand guilty for the trail, the reply is “I knew this would happen” the peak of peace for someone can be annihilation; the peak of peace may not be any different for you. The way you see it and the way you perceive it may be different but the outcome is catastrophic; realisation is not when it is too late, realisation is not when it is over, realisation is knowing and acted upon before any of it could even arise. These day commitment comes with convenience thy shouts to the world it is ‘complicated’. The expectation is to gain but not to give; the expectation makes the other compromise than be adjusted; the fear that other may take over is more abysmal than giving in your soul. The hell is right here; you may choose to be infernal.

Welcome to scheol you have built, look at the beautiful carving across the ceiling, those are sculptures hanging once called feelings, look at the polished clean floor once called love, look  at the smooth walls once called commitment; all looks so beautiful but sadly hollow. The space in your soul is seen on your face, ‘move on’ is modern world’s denial to accept defeat, the battles are avoided, and wars dealt as battles. The wars are suppressed and battles are wired over the worldwide news. Apocalypse exists but not to destroy the evil; the victory is important does not matter how dogmatic the path be; welcome to hell it looks great.

Heuristic is gone, everything is for the immediate alleviation, thinking no dire consequences, please do not blame HIM to bring hell upon your shoulders, the learning is always painful cause the pain may last for a lifetime, happiness not more than a few moments; lessons are for learning; happiness to rejoice. As the detached you would differentiate between pains and lessons the enlightened you, would see the nirvana not away from you but a part of you, not outside of you but within you.

Cenotaph is built for achievements also built it to mourn; it will be built cause you exist also just the way you want it to be recalled.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Illusion is not that what we see, illusion is the difference between what we want to see and what we can see. My best ever click uptill now I feel. Click on the image to see in the original size.


Monday, January 3, 2011


A part of me is dead; by the dusk and a part of me is born; by dawn. Irony is it all happens without me realising the fact, it is dead now and it coming to life now; I cogitate I live in transition. Capricious is me and I fight to the world so that I don’t change; my ways does not change, my perceptions does not change, what I think is right; does not change. There is this fissure created in me whose depth seems to be ad infinitum; to look down ebon looks more amber to me. What is it? It is the obliterated part of me known but recalled as better unknown to me.

Transition is understood to be sojourn, nay it is continuous continuum happening now as I write and even happening now as you read. There is the transition of thoughts; transition of me; transition of time and transition of space. “What you sow today so shall you reap tomorrow” is not only a saying but what happens with me and you everyday. If numbers is a form of proof; around 20 billion cells die everyday as being a part of me; almost the same or more are see the ray of life, how do they know what is to be done? How it is to be done? It is me on the verge being called mortal that lets the new born pass on the course of life they have to lead and continue the legacy before mortality. Every sabbatical a whole new I am born without me realising that I am the different me from yesterday. Your thoughts carry forward from yesterday to today; giving a self esteemed boost that you were correct to stick to the decision you made yesterday; the irony is there is nothing right and nothing wrong only circumstances and actions. If you carry the logjam of hatred, grudge the same would be carried tomorrow; irrespective of its need to you.

The time here is the truth to you, but the time a few hours ahead is the truth of some other person in some other part of the world, is that person wrong? Certainly not it is the fact for you is different to the fact of the other person. Time and space are dynamic only if you agree to understand there is time and space somewhere else as well, if you do you can understand the sundown of someone can be first rays of sunrise for others; the part you claimed to have lived is yet to be a part of someone’s life. Idiosyncrasies is right you bestowed as a part of being an individual; so has the other one too.

Energy if considered to be a macrocosm ; it is constantly being transformed from one form to another just because we do not know to how to transform the energy the way we can use it; does not mean there is the absence of energy. The transition of the day from 4th January to 5th January is the same as to 31st December to 1st January what makes the whole difference is; the way we perceive it has changed. Transitions are happening all around us; are we ready to accept, to see it, feeling of incredulity may arise or hedonistic to ignorance may ignore it all.

If marred is affected does not imply so is the core. We may have been incorporeal does not mean it is the only way that we can lead our lives. There is less difference to share the view if juxtapositions are adjusted and then each problem is just a nicety that can be balanced. Let no nostalgia take over your desire to improve to be open to new opportunities and threats, as good is available so it the bad. Let this movement, this day act as the source day of your transition for something better and not only act as palliatives. Let the sense of joy, peace and completeness reside in you.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

London eye 2010-2011 it is beautiful and worth the wait, of standing for 4 hours to see those 20 mins, trust me worth it.

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