Sunday, January 23, 2011

In the name of green

There are many things which are at its best when just the way they are; nature is most beautiful work of art when actually found the way it looks. Let's try to re connect to the originality and the beauty of simplicity. Each of the following can be related to our very existence and each describes a story that can be connected to our life.
Ageless beauty 

What I want and what I am

Some recognition 

I will not run away when in unrest

At times we just forget the point

The best when unchanged

Life we have made

Old is because it stood right there

Small things matter a lot

reflection is what you are

Sometimes it is too good to see it

Irony of Life 

The barrier on the road is just the shadow

End could be a new start

Colours of life are there just raise your vision

Path to glory

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  1. im totally in love with your photography .... continue to amaze me with the amazing photography :)

    captions are well thought and apt