Monday, January 3, 2011


A part of me is dead; by the dusk and a part of me is born; by dawn. Irony is it all happens without me realising the fact, it is dead now and it coming to life now; I cogitate I live in transition. Capricious is me and I fight to the world so that I don’t change; my ways does not change, my perceptions does not change, what I think is right; does not change. There is this fissure created in me whose depth seems to be ad infinitum; to look down ebon looks more amber to me. What is it? It is the obliterated part of me known but recalled as better unknown to me.

Transition is understood to be sojourn, nay it is continuous continuum happening now as I write and even happening now as you read. There is the transition of thoughts; transition of me; transition of time and transition of space. “What you sow today so shall you reap tomorrow” is not only a saying but what happens with me and you everyday. If numbers is a form of proof; around 20 billion cells die everyday as being a part of me; almost the same or more are see the ray of life, how do they know what is to be done? How it is to be done? It is me on the verge being called mortal that lets the new born pass on the course of life they have to lead and continue the legacy before mortality. Every sabbatical a whole new I am born without me realising that I am the different me from yesterday. Your thoughts carry forward from yesterday to today; giving a self esteemed boost that you were correct to stick to the decision you made yesterday; the irony is there is nothing right and nothing wrong only circumstances and actions. If you carry the logjam of hatred, grudge the same would be carried tomorrow; irrespective of its need to you.

The time here is the truth to you, but the time a few hours ahead is the truth of some other person in some other part of the world, is that person wrong? Certainly not it is the fact for you is different to the fact of the other person. Time and space are dynamic only if you agree to understand there is time and space somewhere else as well, if you do you can understand the sundown of someone can be first rays of sunrise for others; the part you claimed to have lived is yet to be a part of someone’s life. Idiosyncrasies is right you bestowed as a part of being an individual; so has the other one too.

Energy if considered to be a macrocosm ; it is constantly being transformed from one form to another just because we do not know to how to transform the energy the way we can use it; does not mean there is the absence of energy. The transition of the day from 4th January to 5th January is the same as to 31st December to 1st January what makes the whole difference is; the way we perceive it has changed. Transitions are happening all around us; are we ready to accept, to see it, feeling of incredulity may arise or hedonistic to ignorance may ignore it all.

If marred is affected does not imply so is the core. We may have been incorporeal does not mean it is the only way that we can lead our lives. There is less difference to share the view if juxtapositions are adjusted and then each problem is just a nicety that can be balanced. Let no nostalgia take over your desire to improve to be open to new opportunities and threats, as good is available so it the bad. Let this movement, this day act as the source day of your transition for something better and not only act as palliatives. Let the sense of joy, peace and completeness reside in you.

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  1. inspiring . the last few lines are dificult to carry out but once you achieve that balance then happiness resides in you .