Thursday, January 20, 2011


It is not uncommon to the human race from time immortal to find reasons, answers and justify the existence of anything. If there is existence so is there a reason, anything heavier than the density of air cannot fly; was the fact, birds flying also had a reason; the fact is different today altogether. We need reasons!!! In this eternal race the soul was not far behind, it too had to prove its existence. Experiments tried and tested came up with a conclusion that soul exists, in the form of weight. One of the experiment concluded that there is an ounce reduced after the human body is mortal, checked and found correct to a few more.

Questions arise as I belong to the human race. There is a decision to be made it is only in my head uptill now I have not shared but still I have two different viewpoints one says this the other says that, if I may consider my brains to be this where is the that coming from? Soul is immortal according to a number of beliefs all around the world I’m abysmally religious but there are things I cannot deny. You meet somebody and you feel that you know that person since ages, you visit some place for the first time and it feels you have been to that place before “Dejavu” happens where did it come from if it is not now, not this life I remember but I know it exists cause I know I can feel it right now, right here or right with this person.

Nay known the absolute truth to me, thy does not have to believe nonentity of the same. It is midnight for me here but it early dawn for someone in some other part of the world is he wrong? I am sure you would agree no, this is truth for me right now and that is the truth for him right now. There is a life ahead of me lived by someone else on this very earth, the life I’m yet to live and we both can still communicate. A hypothetical situation a new building constructed round the corner, which was scatty five years before; what if you could communicate with yourself five years before saying that there will be a building round the corner; future.

A natural death is what? Everybody body part is functioning and there is something missing to run the show let that be soul. I would not argue on the existence of the soul buoyancy is soul to me; contrive is soul I feel. Errata is not by ‘HE’ it is the infernal who made the distinctions in his creations. Life is to live, to put simply “We are not human beings having spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having human experience” take your time assimilate the ideology, I still don’t claim it to be the absolute truth but I don’t deny the existence of the same. I understand it is exhume to dig out something feign ages ago, but ages is not what we know but it is what we assume we may know.

If soul could just come out and have a conversation with you would you believe? I will not assume and let it be the truth to you only. I was reading a book lately a nonplussing story was there ‘there was a kingdom, the people drank the water from the lake outside the castle for living, a magician added potion to that lake; that made the people go mad, the King and his family had a well inside for themselves which was not affected, everybody claimed that the King is crazy cause he was not behaving as the others did, to retain the throne he too drank the water from outside the castle and the dynasty lasted’ so is the truth it is yours and yours only, if Wright brothers and innumerous others would not have challenged the truth, the earth would have been flat and we would not have been able to fly.

Soul is you when you believe in yourself, soul is you when you love and treat yourself with respect, and soul is you when it is not different but an interminable part of you. Stodgy may be the truth but only because it yet to be accepted as the absolute, let not the winds of pariah; snuff out the wispy light in you, as no matter how time and time again shipwrecked you have been, unable to stand for oneself but you may have learnt in the due process to patronage someone on the path, as the point where you decide to give up may be the point of destination for someone.


  1. Awesome post!!!..very deep and insightful ..but i couldn't comprehend the reference to the story. Would be great if you could elaborate :)

  2. An anathema to be in the crowd is to its best, I dont deny to be a part of the crowd cause after all; this is a society and we are bound with the social laws, but everything is not illogical just because we dont know the absolute truth or we have second thoughts about the something we should not shunt away the other idea completely cause it does not match with the crowd when in doubt think twice and trust your inner voice it may be correct, for example smoking has been more of a fad then people actually wana do it, it is just being 'cool' if you dont feel comfortable and everyone around is doing it, that does not mean you may follow the lead. The story helps to understand this subtle difference, would that satisfy the quest.