Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cowards and corrupt

Coward: English dramatist and actor and composer noted for his witty and sophisticated comedies (1899-1973) or A person who shows fear or timidity; the later one is just too subtle to explain exactly what they are so why I have something new. A by product of human species they are neither human nor a species; cannot fight in the broad day light but bombard with dud costing lives of innocent people. This by product would not even fight for cause; especially because there is no cause. The extent of their inability to find a cause can be understood from the fact; nobody even has the guts to claim of their doings lately. Let me know if don’t agree with these aimless, unethical and headless chicken’s this by product of the so called human race.

Corrupt ha ha ha we have become a standing joke in the name of corruption, a study of 183 countries that how strongly you can enforce a contract (formal agreement in India). You know what we stand 182[1] wow so amazing! Let me enlighten you now. The more the number the less reliable you are to enforce a contract. How was that now? Corrupts have to evolved and upgraded to the extent that would sell of their soul only if they could find the right price. Don’t even try to think that these corrupt could think about the other people’s cost of lives forget ethics.

The blasts that took place at 10:14 am on 07th September 2011, in Delhi (the state capital, the country capital) “OUTSIDE” the high court at gate number 5, casualties increasing last I heard over the news was 9, more than 60 injured. “OUTSIDE” is of importance, the police have to claim that they did not have any intelligence for the blasts (Tell me something new I am sick and tired of listening to the same old story as much as I am sick and tired of listening to the fuel prices going up). The other important thing the police claimed very strongly is the blast happened outside the premises of the court in a public area. I have a multibillion dollar question for you who tango foxtrot is responsible for the security at the public places?

The idea is to transfer the blame from one person to the other, from one agency to the other agency nobody for the responsibility but blame every tom dick and harry on this earth. I don’t believe that paroxysm can happen in a country like India just like that. We humans have a tendency to perform under fear. If we fear breaking a law we would think about it before doing it. The fear of being caught, a fear of being prosecuted, a fear to be punished for the wrong done. This really does not work in India right? Obfuscate is nothing and wrong is absolute. Corrupts walk freely and the ones that could the see the brief of prison with special privileges make it no less than a star hotel with free meals and health benefits to live onto.

The Indian law system works in a way wherein a person caught has to be proved guilty in the court, the other way of law in Europe is that you have been caught; you have to prove yourself innocent. I am not trying to change the law system I am just trying to say that we have good law system. When would the applicability come to life? You trying to tell me a man held for serial blasts in India, in Indian prison living on tax payer’s money has been given more security than the tax payers and the prosecution could not prove him guilty for year together.  

Amazing quote by the ex chief justice of India just too apt “teri barbadiyon ke mashuwaren hai aasmano mein, teri barbadiyon ke masheuwaren hai aasmano mein, na badloge toh mit jayoge, na badloge toh mit jayoge, ae Hindustan walo teri dastaan bhi na hogi dastano mein”

Let’s be the change, if we could stand together for our own lives, we would stand for long. I abrogate against the innocent losing their lives for no reason. I abrogate against corruption that is weakening my country like the woodpecker to the wood. I abrogate to the inability of ours to come along and resist injustice and define freedom.


  1. Playing with innocent lives these Cowards are Bloody swines! They infect the world with Epidemic as if God's Natural disasters were less unfortunate! May their tribe get an Epidemic of Good deeds so they know they have only One life to live too just like the innocent ones they kill! Change will happen as only that is constant and should be for the good and its pace has to then improve ! Wonderful Blog!

  2. It shall happen when we start to confront with the issues. Thank you!

  3. Its really quite depressing that people responsible for terrorism are still breathing the fresh air, the ones who have killed the innocent are still alive, the system needs to change and it should all start at an individual level itself, nice post ..

  4. Yes it does need a change but the change is to come from the system and not the people in literal terms we should be dependent on the system than the people a sustainable fair system is the solution to this misery. Thank you