Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why not simply live in the present? & the sandwich theory.

From the present day to the ad infinitum, the weather has blessed us with rains, sunlight, snow and autumn. Even when we were not there, so archaic that the existence itself was insignificant, the time where even the apes were not our ancestors then the time was sunrise and sunset, the only light to help the eyesight of the living, was the sunlight. The day came and passed away as they do now. We came into existence and to put in today’s language “the human race progressed” I would say more or less only technologically, cause as we are progressing we are becoming physically weak, even the jaw these days cannot accommodate the 32 teeth’s and the so called last entrants to the tooth family “the wisdom tooth” are unwashed extracted from the jaw as they cannot accommodate. Still we are progressing.

We started growing intellectually as well. The progress is an on-going process, how about having a flash back over it? That has changed recently but not long ago. The open ownerless grounds just around the lane of the house, is difficult to find. Games have changed from climbing trees, playing hide and seek to Play stations and idiot box. Rains were when kids used to run out of the glimpse from their mothers, only to get sloshed by the water, make paper boats and race their boats in the stream, get all muddy only to return home with wet hair and bemire clothes. Today the rains make kids to stay back at home as the fear cough and cold. School was the time to study and rest was childhood. Today the school is the time for studies and rest is the time for tuitions. Playing outdoor games was a mundane activity of the day, which has changed to extra circular activity today. Life was to have a nice job and all set for life. Today it starts with jumps for better packages and ends in endless working hours. Knowing what is happening in one’s life is distant story, the only story is academics when a child and paying jobs when older. This something we call past.

Now the next thing is the future. This trend is to be followed so that you have a lavishing career. The age for schooling used to start from 5 onwards which has shrunk to 2 years. The weight of the child carrying a school bag is comparable to the weight of the bag itself. Stress was not something heard of before, but now even kids have stress levels. What would happen tomorrow, is the only tape running in the head today. Slowly realized, but steadily forgotten is today, only for a better tomorrow. Let’s try to summarize and understand with the help of the sandwich theory.
The sandwich theory.
Lets consider you are having a sandwich, which is a potato sandwich, so what do we have now, two slices of bread, in between stuffed are the potato’s. let’s consider the first slice as yesterday(the past), the second slice as tomorrow(the future) and the potato’s today(the present). Now you would not like to eat the first slice of bread(past), only as it would not taste of what you expect the sandwich to taste like. Similar would be the case for the second slice of bread. It could taste like a sandwich with some potato’s inside(today), but then the quality of the potato’s and the ingredients added would only make the difference and could give the taste buds the pleasure of the sandwich. What does that mean? Think about it again, the past has gone and unchanged it would remain to your last breath unconquered, unchanged, future is yet to come and would only be known when you live now. All your options are left with today. Today is that would make difference to your tomorrow, today would only make a day to be remembered in the past. The amazing problem is that we are so sacred to live today.

Let me help you with the theory with an example: two friends meet, one of the friend has to depart for few months to some other city, thinking about all the good times in the past they had together, name the friends as x and y. x has to depart, x asks y are we going to have the same fun, all the things we do again, after I come back?(second slice, future) and could not enjoy the time together with y(potato, today). What would happen? Think about it. the potato was not cooked, as they did not have a good time together(it cannot be used to make the sandwich) also there was no part that could have added to memories of the past, cause today went to waste. The taste buds nor the stomach would ask for it.

Let’s try to understand some more. It is living in the present that can give a good sandwich, whose ingredients are good slice of fresh bread and good potato’s, how will we get fresh bread? The memories that are good are generally remembered, isn’t ? do you try to remember the bad one’s I guess nobody wants to. The first slice is ready, the good you do today would only bring a good tomorrow, an enemy created today would not bring peace tomorrow, laziness today would not bring prosperity tomorrow, doing wrong to others would not bring you right tomorrow. That is how the second slice of the bread can be made. For potato’s you have to live today, to the fullest, put in your best, fear not the future nor the results. Strive for excellence, leave today with a better day than that you found in the morning. Compete with yourself and your yesterday and not with others. The sandwich is all yours to satisfy your body and soul.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Anathema taking over men and women….

We say life is all complex these days, Relations are sour, infidelity is to its peak, trust and love are factors more or less in love stories, togetherness is staying in the bed, work and pleasure are mixed for benefits of oneself, manipulation is the "in" thing and we say life is all complex.

Impunity for doing wrong to others is these days, like a birth right. The circumstances have become the deciding factors for relationships, not the urge to be together. It is not about having a good time together, it is more about what would one get after this time together. How things have changed. Friends for convenience is as common to hear as difficult to find common sense these days. They say they progressing, they are westernized, they are modern, albeit the poorest people at heart. Conscious is losing its ground guilt and shame are not even present for lip service in ones soul, cause all they thinks is to grow.

Pious is only for show, now even that is old. They talk of spirituality and lack the spirit in oneself. They talk of being one, but with whom is the quest? They talk they are growing just fine, back down leaving a trail of broken spine. Relations are more or less give and take, you give and I take. What has changed? Why the ego of growth has the taken over conscious of the mind, don’t they have ethic’s or have turned to boneless spines? A man may not be judged by his deeds but the bank balance in the account. A woman is all interested in the canal and the crown. Is it progress? I doubt I believe it depriving the human race to act as humans. The crowd is where people move cause oh! is it called being modern oh! it must be just so cool. What is this happiness are just not trying to be super cool? What has happened to the so called man.

At times I think it was better when it was old, at least there were trees that we called tall and old. The shadow of the trees in scorching is still better than the shadow of the cement junk. There was a time when the words meant commitment, a promise, one would keep till the end, now we turn back only find it was the end. I wished the old times would return. Bruised knees are better than broken hearts, once a week a t.v. serial is better than the daily soap bizarre. If losing oneself, losing ethics, losing reliability and losing one’s conscious is called growth I respect the people who are now old.

Tell me isn’t it a curse, how we were expected to live and when we live in so much of dirt? I still don’t think this is the best thing that we grew up to see on earth. I wish to become a man of commitment, a path to follow may dirge music will follow, but I would look in the mirror everyday and look straight into the eye just find my conscious still alive. I recall the lines said so beautifully, “god grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” I cannot change the world but I can change myself, I want to be honest to myself, may these guiding crowds may not misguide my soul as there is conscious deep down which I still hold.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Funny things happen when in a state called love.

Expectations are unlimited but reciprocation is very limited, ideal love life has hundreds of thoughts, suggestions, assumptions, possibilities, desires and the list goes on and on, but nobody is ready to perform the duties for the same or even put in the effort, cause ideal is this, this how it has to happen. My dear friend even the leaves don’t move by itself it needs the winds to let it flow in the air. It is very easy for us to brag about the ideal relation has to be like this, a very few understand if taken care, nurtured, loved unconditionally would only make the love bloom to glory.

Amazing people with amazing doubts, the world is so rational so logical, I thought I would bring to notice that if love is by rationality, I may suggest a few reasons to check the rationality of a relation. A friend of mine was determined that he would only go in for a love marriage, cause until you know the person how can you spend your whole life(very clear, agree). I asked a simple question how many times do you meet your girlfriend in a week, curt reply everyday I said fair enough, let’s consider an hour a day, he said yes, now if I have to meet a single person for an hour a day out of hourly clock that has 24, won’t I be the best of what I want to project. The most happening, always with something new, flowery stuff, chocolate stuff, today this is our first stuff, cool about everything, would you be doing it after a year, let’s assume yes cause still the amount of time that you are spending together is just an hour and still you come up with something new. I have a question now do you really know the person, a question may not be answered to me, but ask yourself.

Let’s move ahead in time a bit more, you and your dream girl get married, suddenly things that were perfect and you ignored have started annoying you, like really petty things which you ignored before, but not it is getting on your nerves, getting up late it is was perfect before when you a bachelors, but now as you are married you want your things to be straightened up as it was before, you ignore a few days get yourself to work and manage things around. Then the taste of the food is nowhere close to good what you used to have before, forget about getting the lunch pack for the office, again you ignore. Evenings you used to roam about not matter how tiring the day was, now you try to sit back at home, obviously your girlfriend turned wife is having a problem with that, when you say I am tired. Ignore and move on. Then one fine day you remember they were so many cool things we used to do before everything was so special why not now. The answer is you know very well, you pretended to be somebody you are not.

Never pretend something that you are not in a relationship, specially the one relation you want to last an eternity and be as fresh as the bloomed boutique. Cause you cannot pretend for life and these small things after a year of ignorance suddenly come to surface and hit like a lighting, that day you are just struck you immediate reaction and to protect there is a mechanism, self defense, you give back what all you have ignored all the while. Boom there is fight, then you lie, then the chorus songs are played. What is the point, wouldn’t it have been better if you could have been what exactly you are. There is a lot of things that could be avoided by just staying together with each other for some time either before marriage or giving each other not the projected but the real figure that you are.

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