Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Funny things happen when in a state called love.

Expectations are unlimited but reciprocation is very limited, ideal love life has hundreds of thoughts, suggestions, assumptions, possibilities, desires and the list goes on and on, but nobody is ready to perform the duties for the same or even put in the effort, cause ideal is this, this how it has to happen. My dear friend even the leaves don’t move by itself it needs the winds to let it flow in the air. It is very easy for us to brag about the ideal relation has to be like this, a very few understand if taken care, nurtured, loved unconditionally would only make the love bloom to glory.

Amazing people with amazing doubts, the world is so rational so logical, I thought I would bring to notice that if love is by rationality, I may suggest a few reasons to check the rationality of a relation. A friend of mine was determined that he would only go in for a love marriage, cause until you know the person how can you spend your whole life(very clear, agree). I asked a simple question how many times do you meet your girlfriend in a week, curt reply everyday I said fair enough, let’s consider an hour a day, he said yes, now if I have to meet a single person for an hour a day out of hourly clock that has 24, won’t I be the best of what I want to project. The most happening, always with something new, flowery stuff, chocolate stuff, today this is our first stuff, cool about everything, would you be doing it after a year, let’s assume yes cause still the amount of time that you are spending together is just an hour and still you come up with something new. I have a question now do you really know the person, a question may not be answered to me, but ask yourself.

Let’s move ahead in time a bit more, you and your dream girl get married, suddenly things that were perfect and you ignored have started annoying you, like really petty things which you ignored before, but not it is getting on your nerves, getting up late it is was perfect before when you a bachelors, but now as you are married you want your things to be straightened up as it was before, you ignore a few days get yourself to work and manage things around. Then the taste of the food is nowhere close to good what you used to have before, forget about getting the lunch pack for the office, again you ignore. Evenings you used to roam about not matter how tiring the day was, now you try to sit back at home, obviously your girlfriend turned wife is having a problem with that, when you say I am tired. Ignore and move on. Then one fine day you remember they were so many cool things we used to do before everything was so special why not now. The answer is you know very well, you pretended to be somebody you are not.

Never pretend something that you are not in a relationship, specially the one relation you want to last an eternity and be as fresh as the bloomed boutique. Cause you cannot pretend for life and these small things after a year of ignorance suddenly come to surface and hit like a lighting, that day you are just struck you immediate reaction and to protect there is a mechanism, self defense, you give back what all you have ignored all the while. Boom there is fight, then you lie, then the chorus songs are played. What is the point, wouldn’t it have been better if you could have been what exactly you are. There is a lot of things that could be avoided by just staying together with each other for some time either before marriage or giving each other not the projected but the real figure that you are.

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