Saturday, May 29, 2010

India is my country…….is it?

A feeling of trepidation vicarious, but it is there right there in the back of my mind, first it was innocent people who were killed now not even the officials are left to be alive, massacre killings of police officials, then innocent people and then the train, I ask god is there going to be an end. How merciless one could be to knife into the eye of people to check if they are dead gross.

The virtuoso government of our nation still is retroactive as in the past, once the sacrosanct of the government(parliament) was attached and the boorish sadist is still kept alive to see us die one by one, why is that the common does not have the right to live as a human and not to be treated as insipid waste? Lord shall bless us all, but I still don’t want to go high above to get the blessings directly from him.(I am serious no doubts about it).

The indigent hedonist human looks forward for a life, for happiness, security that I am alive and walk down the road and still be alive. Yes I believe I will but not cause I can change the rulers of the land, but I trust to the higher above, not that it can change anything but it helps me to accept that I can live with it.

One thing is for sure now, it is not the rulers of the land who want to or are willing to help us, we need to stand by ourselves for our own betterment. I heard a conversation saying the developed nations are 200 to 300 years old and they too have gone through all this, so what we see now is not different than what they have faced before. I believe I may be wrong but just because others took their sweet time to ripen do I need to wait to grow ripe. I don’t think so, if that would have been the case we would not have progressed and the renaissance would not have taken place.

Let’s not get into the lip service as before, let’s unite for good and stand for it and make it happen. I don’t know how it will work, but I do know, it will if we want to and not to only rely on tribulate rulers of the country. Let’s make this happen and let it happen now like no tomorrow can be a better tomorrow.

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