Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fighting rationality to the world is killing me inside.

Do I really need to prove anything to anyone is the question suddenly struck to my mind, sending shivers down my spine, forcing me to think am I here to be a missionary or a message. My conscious was shocked, what I could only reveal to myself, I am here to be a message and not a missionary.

Though it may seem illogical, I tried to my best to make up things, the best to my ability, turning the world as much as I could. In return I expected at least good wishes or nothing but not what I got. My intentions were questioned, I was made casteless I was degraded to speak my heart over rationality, I tried to fight rationality and I fought, but suddenly head increased in numbers than hearts, I could not beat the rationality, I lost it, named myself in bad books. Now was it essential to explain the occult to the most rational souls, who could not even appreciate the birds singing in morning, but think it is their role to play as bird on earth.

No, it was not worth it. I realized it late, I do agree, but honestly it is not worth it, ever to talk about it. Let me put it this way cause I am right so you are supposed to be wrong, this where the logic works, the rationality takes place, the other slope could be I am right that does not make you wrong, you can be right as well, for example: five hundred years back earth was flat, anybody who challenged it was taking to task, or even executed if determined to prove the same, now we all know the earth is round this is the reality today and anybody who says it is flat could be said to stop hallucinating.

Now the question is am I suppose to fight rationality cause it is not the truth now? I am also not making a statement that it is only me who knows the truth. Truth is universal and will come to conscious no matter what happens, even if it has to take some time. If I have understood it, then why am I trying to impose it to others, they have warranted up themselves with whatever mirage they are comfortable with, who am I to say break the cocoon and fly to glory? Answers coined up for my pieces of broken heart, rationality is what I had to bring to logically satisfy this world. No matter how much I tried to maintain a balance between being a rational and being an irradiate. I could not stop from taking sides, where as the world is not good and bad it is just the way it is, why am I taking sides?

Suddenly some beautiful lines came in front my eyes, “Always see good in everyone, be blind to the faults of others, it brings peace in your life. Things don’t change so just change the way you look at them” rationality took afire. What if other faults are hurting me? The reason for being hurt is that I had been trying to add everybody to make my world, but on contrary only one person can survive to become my whole world or I could become the my whole world for myself. Now can others rationality hurt, no I feel as peace, why am I seeking outside, when my heart lies within. I wished I knew it before, would not have hurt myself, but the sun would shine bright only after the darkest nights and not on cloudy days.

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  1. you got the right message .... it is now only how you cultivate it further

  2. deep thoughts aniket. nice blog. i will visit again.

  3. good post,liked the way you ended.