Sunday, September 20, 2009

I just wanted to talk…….

Some random thoughts, that have been filling my head as the manna from the heaven, so I thought why not to share it. Somebody asked the God why life is so short? The God replied get married! The poor fellow asked God will that add years to my life??? God replied “No it would make you feel living each day since ages” this at times happens to be the grux of life, when we had time opportunity and space, we said no later and when everything passed by, we land up saying that “boss I didn’t get a chance to do so many things” one of my friend has decided not to get married (What ? ) that was the same question I really wanted to ask, which eventually I did, but to my surprise it was just too simple reason: because he doest not see happy couples around, he believes that he cannot be happy in a relationship, guess what he actually managed two girl friends broke of with them and does not think of a long committed relationship.(you finding it funny I don’t find it. The depth to which a person can act in to our lives is unimaginable, inseparable, unforeseen).

The point is the world would look the way you look at it, I remember a story when I as small there was this kid who walked down the road on a mountain to place where he could get eco, the boy out of his inquisitiveness shouted “somebody there” the reply came the same then he shouted “what is your name” the reply again the same the boy said “you are rude” the reply came to his surprise the same, he rushed to his mother and said “mom that is place is full of rude people”, his mom could understand the whole thing as all moms do for their children, she asked her son to go back and say that “you are my friend” “and I love you” the young boy confused with himself did as told by her mom, obviously the reply as to what he shouted, he came back running to his mom and said they said they love me. ( Simple but how true, love somebody and you will be loved, hate somebody and it would follow you).

I don’t deny it is easy to let go the negativity around you, cause the news paper you read, the news channels, the late night news editions, the neighborhood gossips are more interesting then somebody who made a new mark for the up gradation of human life relating to degrading life standards. No I am not against of any televisions, news channels but the point is more importance is given to criminal acts on the first page as compared to some new inventions in science, it is wired I don’t say that we want negativity but I am trying to say is that we are not taking efforts also to avoid it, the first 30 minutes as we get is are the most important, precious time for the day cause what we start with we carry for the whole(ok you clearly getting doubts try this, start of a day while reading the book on your life hero, or ideal or motivation thoughts, or just an early walk in the garden enjoying the beauty of the nature and experience the day filled with energy, motivated, ready for something great expecting something great, on the other hand try…..try to get up late, read some shabby news, listen to hard rock and you can see the difference by the end of the day).

The point is not only that we know what is to be done, the point is that we perform to make that it is to be done, don’t try it, live it, cause life is too short to repent.

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