Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is that is it all i could have asked for….

25-02-07_1315               It’s an amazing feeling a lot of us have surely felt it, didn’t ever at all you get to hear all the praises from the world(not close to you)  but when you enter the so called home(close to you), all you hear is “do you know anything or do you even understand anything or are you mad” well I am sure a lot of you would agree to what I am trying to say in cause it happens, the world may even appreciate you smallest deal or knowledge but your own people treat you not more then dogs on the street, hard words beg pardon my language but this how it makes one feel, this is how they try to make sarcastic comment and succeed, cause we lose hope, all that you could have made out of yourself to something better, but like stones on the mirror they break you into pieces, small, tiny you cant even see your face in so small pieces, if you have ever felt it or you agree to me I am sure this is going to interest you a lot.

            This is not about getting weak, this is not about sulking yourself into black hole, where light is ashamed to pass through, this is life and this is how you should take control over it, people(your so called own people) have crushed you, you were not flying but you were moving towards building something better and the wave just comes with worst tide, hit you and your castle whose base was just to be founded, now what? built another castle without worrying over the tides, come on!!! you did that a millions times before it does not solve the problem then, keep on reading.

             You were to tired and hopeless that all you think was to end your life, but pity you, been there but didn’t have the courage to do it, you hopeless creature (have you felt it if yes then I understand you what it is like) your best support in lives are only a show piece, but not even one which could increase the show inside your temple(mind here) but only bring in dirt and dampness in your life.

              N then you wana cry over it, think again the solution is not to stop building castles but next time be sure to built it, but not with sand with concrete, every time somebody lets you down, the people who say forgive them I say forget those people who say it, I say turn back to double charge and do whatever it takes to achieve a level a bit higher than you had achieved, let you criticism only bring you another person to know, respect, appreciate and enhance you emotional and to worldly pleasures (achievements) and any time you feel weak or tired of putting in the effort for your goal, remember each and everybody who said “you can’t do, do you even know anything or you just a nerd” and it would give you immense energy to concentrate and focus in life, people who quit n die, they proved nothing but those people right n how right they thought about you.

             Move ahead in life nobody is yours when you are looser, but the whole world would turn around to say a “hi” when you own the worldly pleasures, so do that, make it a point, don’t lose hopes, hopes are lost by people who do not intend to take control of their lives by themselves, live right now, feel right now and don’t let your hard work make you feel that it would pay back someday but one day n that is going to be today feel the heat, feel the power cause life could change in seconds, don’t you let that precious time go waste to think about the people who could just turn you off, show you your unworthiness cause life is war, so stop worrying about battles n yes it is difficult to live, but beggars should not try to be become choosers and if you have all your life thought about becoming a choosers, then stop behaving like an unfortunate, worthy less soul live it, face it and enjoy like nobody have ever done before, cause you are alive now and so is your happiness now until you choose it other way(sorrows, disgrace)  and so be yourself NOW.

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