Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some may just choose HELL

It is not that that it is vogue; it is most commonly an unconscious choice made, consciously. Difficult to take the blame on yourself for what happened or was it you think it was completely your fault, in the first case it your guilt that does not allow you to blame yourself and in the latter case the ego, struck by a lighting thinking it is the opposite, well before we may move forward I nay no one to tell you but thy may agree there is defence mechanism; denial of the existence has been the accoutrement.

Something you might have felt, I had an option to stop; I wanted to stop; I knew this was overboard but then enlightened me still did not stop. The outcomes are not much of an importance but you knew and you continued, to keep something within you alive; to keep everything else outside of you destroyed. The guilt takes over, amorous strikes, irrespective how much wounded you are; still asking to be dealt with, still to be healed. Your guilt does not allow you to heal; amorous does not allow you to be you.

Eavesdropping is taking place within you; the blame game begins, the dawn of the dusk has begun. You may not realise but things are changing steadily, slowly, stagnant, flowing, healed and tore apart; all happening all at the same time, you are not ready to discuss; and when you start off it is not the right time. The beginnings happen from when once believed to be ended, the buried mortals are brought to life, forgetting the need and importance to reincarnate. It all happens not that you never knew what is happening, the desire to win irrespective of what and how much to lose. Careened is what you choose not what you were forced to.

I agree the words are fed into your mouth, accusations brought to trial without the right to plea; when you give in and stand guilty for the trail, the reply is “I knew this would happen” the peak of peace for someone can be annihilation; the peak of peace may not be any different for you. The way you see it and the way you perceive it may be different but the outcome is catastrophic; realisation is not when it is too late, realisation is not when it is over, realisation is knowing and acted upon before any of it could even arise. These day commitment comes with convenience thy shouts to the world it is ‘complicated’. The expectation is to gain but not to give; the expectation makes the other compromise than be adjusted; the fear that other may take over is more abysmal than giving in your soul. The hell is right here; you may choose to be infernal.

Welcome to scheol you have built, look at the beautiful carving across the ceiling, those are sculptures hanging once called feelings, look at the polished clean floor once called love, look  at the smooth walls once called commitment; all looks so beautiful but sadly hollow. The space in your soul is seen on your face, ‘move on’ is modern world’s denial to accept defeat, the battles are avoided, and wars dealt as battles. The wars are suppressed and battles are wired over the worldwide news. Apocalypse exists but not to destroy the evil; the victory is important does not matter how dogmatic the path be; welcome to hell it looks great.

Heuristic is gone, everything is for the immediate alleviation, thinking no dire consequences, please do not blame HIM to bring hell upon your shoulders, the learning is always painful cause the pain may last for a lifetime, happiness not more than a few moments; lessons are for learning; happiness to rejoice. As the detached you would differentiate between pains and lessons the enlightened you, would see the nirvana not away from you but a part of you, not outside of you but within you.

Cenotaph is built for achievements also built it to mourn; it will be built cause you exist also just the way you want it to be recalled.

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