Thursday, December 23, 2010

Demigod is....

Is it being supernal or being infernal of your own made up world? Well the dictionary says that demigod means a person who is part mortal and part god. How does it make a lot of difference between being me and me being a demigod? It is said that god lies in our hearts and obviously I am mortal. Am I a demigod? If I am than so is every other human being right. Well according to Greek mythology it is Hercules with an exception who was accepted to be a demigod, though born to only mortals. What made him one?

Is it the veneration to be one, well this is antiquity; but I am alive now, here in this world; who calls all this; a part of the ancient world. What spatial makes all the difference between me and him? Let’s try to understand in today’s world two contrast situations part a) wherein I think that I make things happen, I work so I run the house. I own this, so I see how it should be working. I do that and the list is ad infinitum. Part b) wherein now that I know the universe is so huge, the earth is so big, the stars are so far away I am just little thing on this planet called earth. I cannot change anything. What alone can I do about things? Global warming, society norms, pollution levels or is it me who makes things move? All the questions actually can bring you to a liminal stage, think yourself in a situation where the past does not exists is just a vacuum and future is a myth as it is you between a transition; between nothing and nothing it is got to be a trance.

Threshold is upon you. Can you really take the responsibility of this whole wide world on your weak shoulders? Or it is just that you think that you do, in reality there is nothing you can change about anything. Is being a demigod a pattern of dynasty or it that can be achieved? Who actually provides the patronage to my living? I am still not sure am I a demigod? Or it is the people who have made all the difference before in archaic times or it is we who make it all now. If it can be attained with veneration what I am I missing to be one? That does not mean I start walking on the path to hunt down the destiny or is it my destiny to be and to act like one. Honestly it is all upon and wholly upto you. What actually we need is to engrave within ourselves is the wisdom; to understand to what we can and what is upto him.

The sense of responsibility of me being here right now and playing the role of me being an actor in the world which is the audience; I am here to perform my bit of part to the whole play; and detachment from the role that could remind me it is all part of the play. Nothing that is here is go na hurt me if I could just remember it is a play. To put it more simply a demigod is only a part of him but not him. The flash of genius would be to strike the right chord; which is between knowing what is being a part of him and what is being him. Yes I make things move but I certainly don’t create it. Let not the actor you play a trickster with you.

Yes we have a chance to be preeminent. It is just that the antagonist within us have made us feel or forget that what we truly are. Let the chthonic within me rise to be chaste nay take over the impious me. We can change a lot; because Demigod is me

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