Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can Enlightenment bring in Loneliness

Can Enlightenment bring in loneliness the honest answer is yes to it, but if you believe in this myth I would suggest you read further before you could have a final say over it. Just a quick note before we move further Enlightenment can only be felt in solitude, I hope you have an idea now that what would be ahead of this….

What does loneliness means, the dictionary to me it says

Sadness resulting from being forsaken or abandoned or

A disposition toward being alone

OK now let’s try to define solitude, to me the dictionary says

The state of isolation.

So isn’t that both the things refer to almost same thing, I would suggest read between the lines, the difference can be best explained by a person winning a race and a person who earns a silver, but not gold, I am sure we all must have felt the same experience somewhere in our lives as well, that is the difference of being almost.

There was this book I was going through, in which there was a phrase referred from the bible “Go built our temple, build with no tools and making no noise”, if anyone had to make sense out of it, it’s simple is to go build a temple and spread the word of the religion, but my dear friend consider it with no tools, how would it be possible? So thoughtful, well it says later that “you are the temple of God” it means that urge is created to create temples of our minds. Scandalized !!! I thought so, let me put it across this way, we all have heard that “God is within us” still there are temples we go for, probably because we have taken the literal meaning of the knowledge passed through ages from our forefathers, now coming to the point the more that we have learnt the more I guess we have deviated from the path, the more have we made out the literal meanings of enormous banks of knowledge.

Do you agree that we are re inventing the inventions? I guess you would, everything that has been mentioned in our ages old literature had not the need to re invent anything, whereas we are in the phase of life still progressing and trying to invent, think about it this way, a person if from the 15th century was suddenly to come here and have a look at us, won’t he feel that we are gods, well he would. cause we now own some knowledge that the people at that time frame did not, making us clearly gods, exactly the point is that we have god within us, now think about the people around you as gods so many of them “Elohim” so many of us, yet we have not been able to understand, what was passed by our forefathers.

Let us come back to enlightenment, as mentioned above enlightenment came from solitude, difficult to believe well think about it is this way, when you made your presence felt on this earth you were alone and the same applies when you leave, when you come here you are enlightened with light, air and a numerous other things, crying, nobody I guess can teach crying when the baby is born, so the enlightenment is there and it has happened in solitude, nobody has helped to it, but let’s move further he is a person and has attained material knowledge and material wealth and then he feels I am enlightened but also I am lonely, please wait then you have not enlightened yourself, because if you would been enlightened, you would have also agreed to detachment, detachment is to feel you and yourself. Whereas lonely is yourself and isolation is you.

Enlightenment is happening or enlightenment is yet to happen, when you feel enlightened you would also feel, the synchronicity between attachment and detachment, this is when you would also feel that I am enlightened but not lonely, I am enlightened but isolated.

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  1. I love the topics you write about ... didn't know your interests... intra-personal intelligence and the constant quest for rationality is alive in very few, it's both a curse and a boon...

  2. hi malvika!!!

    interests well ideally yes I have hobbies like photography, reading, writing and listening to music interests are a broader perspective to me cause it is immense the sky would be the limit, I would just like to make a point to you, if you ask for enlightenment it comes with a price there are no free lunches on this earth!!!