Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What you say?

It is an experience felt with many discussed in few; it is actually a life turning and churning experience to be honest. Hypocrites with sugar coated sweet talks and mens rea if not any less; what all they can do is talk the talk rather than walk the talk are like demigods; supernal. On the other hand honest and conducive intentions for the better meant of the whole are primarily outcasted and infernal. It is common notion to increase communication gap, stress on everything else except the objectivity of the issue. The delivery of an issue is more important than issue becoming nasty to be dealt with. Welcome to the marketing world built in families and closed ones. How many would remember a talk within the family? The days have changed; family time is considered to be watching the idiot box together, going and coming together for social commitments. To succeed; mayhem the other one with the efficient sweet talk and nobody would be blamed as well (What amazing use of the brains).

With all due respect to the Indian culture; it is uncouth to communicate between the generations. Only to add to the icing on the cake, the unwritten laws and incompetent people ask their respect; which do not have any basis and foundation. Avarice pulls the relatives near ones and not near ones together. But respect them and the talks should only be soothing to one hearing than the actual truth and hard facts; never the less to be in favour of what the other person wants to hear. Strange but true as the communication which has not ever happened before (on a personal level), but according to the wimps and fancies one is expected to behave and talk and keep in the limits no matter how unfair the issue. Why should I? Because it needs to be that way! Why should I? Don’t overstep your boundaries! Why should I? You are no less than a disgrace! One last try why should I? You are not worth talking, you don’t understand.......

The fact is the custodians of proclaiming respect don’t have reasons, everything is to ones convenience; convenience of the self proclaimed worthy people. It is only apparition but nothing more. The honesty would lie down on the grounds only to be buried under the dirt, accumulated over the years. Selfish motives and traits to act smart are the curriculum taught to the young generation. A few accept adapt and excel, a few lay relax and understand, a few who do want to make their personal lives as the parliament on India don’t fall for it. The losers in today’s world are the ones who fall in the last category. The winners are the one who excel and cope de grace the ones who lacked.

All these are not something new to talk about and surely it might sound like the daily soups that we are confronted to everyday and day after day without a break. The responsibilities are turning only liabilities.  The people who have cooed the skill of delivering are the winners. The crux and the multimillion question arising is do I join the band wagon? Am I supposed to turn myself from the less worthy to the only worthy? And is this the only and sustainable way to be with the closed ones, be it family; be it friends? I would wish you linger around with this thought. The truth is as shared at large with many; is that only winners say; make a difference. Is this the only way to be a winner? Do I join?

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