Monday, October 31, 2011

Silence or sound what is nonchalance?

A world full of deplored enmesh! (Ok that must have been a heavy start; let’s try to put it across simply). A world full of lack of mutual respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike meshed up together. (This is far better and easy to read). Surprisingly this is how life is! We make it complicated, fabricated, complex and meshed structure so that it looks beautiful (or at least sounds like). Whereas what is easily understandable are simple things; put simply across. A few bold statements ‘life is a teacher which comes without a manual of instructions of “how do we live?”’ then ‘growing old is happening, growing up is optional!’

I guess we have firmly put a firm foundation; and even if you don’t agree with the bold statements that I have written. I am sure you can still read ahead without any aversion (not that now I have posted the blog we can do anything about it, but Just in case). A question is being brought to surface and here it comes; does silence kills or the noise? Practically both are disastrous (which was not the fact before, but strangely there is ultra sonic weapon created, wherein noise can also cause serious injuries to somebody. Science and its uses wow). But speaking on personal front, think about it! What is actually is difficult decipher?

Obviously to me the silence, cause you spend a good time of life thinking about what went wrong #!@ where as when it is noise you can try to reason it out. I repeat try to reason it cause many a times, baseless is the word for encumbrance (but one should not lose hope). Silence does not allow you to crack down the actual cause; but lingers a logjam feeling of ‘whose go na be the millionaire’ it can be brutal, time consuming and can be taken for granted. Do what you feel like, it does not matter! (That was not the idea, but people do the best what is convenient to them) So; amazing small things over a period of time never said aloud; creates a vacuum (battle ground) for big, huge and Brobdingnagian issues. Actually whose trail lasts or are present in small, little, micro events happened some ages back.

Whereas noise; can be painful to ears and disturbing to the heart to somebody. It will always tell you what it meant, or the cause of it or ok there is a problem we need to talk about. It is safer way of dealing with issues and things. Think about it this way say there is a naughty child and is locked in a room, you will be comfortable till the time the naughty tike is making some noise. You would be confronted with curio if there is no noise coming from the room (because then you don’t know what’s happening). Similarly it is easier to fight a devil which is unknown.

People avoid and people run (though people should be running in the gardens with fresh air in the morning; people run away from confrontations and brutal discussions). Whenever it is seen that two people are unable to come to a common ground or an agreement instead of accepting that it can be agreed upon, people have funny ways of dealing with, stay mum(we talked about silence before), avoid the topic completely, ‘sorry’ I mean like c’mon it is a discussion of differences and not apology request. The end result the issues remains untouched; communication gap increases, ‘sorry’ does not have any value because the value of nonstop without a meaning perpetually repeated ‘sorry’; has the same value as much as salty water in the sea.

There is this saying ‘choose the devil that is known to you’, I would actually agree with considering that both silence and noise can be disastrous. Silence kept to the grave cannot bring the truth and noise said too loud will only cause deafening to the ears. Choose your way, take your stand, use you head and do what feels correct to you, because no matter what; you cannot keep everybody happy in the world and trust yourself and your decision it is least regretful doings in the journey called ‘life’.    


  1. nice post..and I think most of the time, we complicate things in our head, when in reality, things are just simple.