Friday, October 28, 2011

Who else is above the ‘LAW’?

The mens rea followed by the corrupt politician was like just not enough! That to jut out we have many commoners and un-commoners that adds to the trail list in the mayhem rectitude above the law. Azad hind express the train that runs from Howrah to Pune, there is a stop in between called Nagpur. To the issues pertaining already in the country call is ‘whatever’ movement; the trains from Howrah are running perpetually late. The train was already late 6 hours 30 minutes obviously ‘not cool’. There was a bunch of boxers in some army regiment who were travelling as well, in 3tier AC compartment. These were no less than 35 in number, boxers as the sport suggest; not the kind of people you would like to land up in a fight with.

These so called sportsmen were drunk, the whole wagon smelled of liquor. To the top it up these boxers had fidgeted with the females in the compartment. They surely reported it to the police. The train hopelessly tried to get running three times; and three times the chain was pulled. The delay was only delayed. The women had to say that these people need to be out of the train so that they can continue the journey. 

There were cops, somebody from the army huge ‘tamasha’ the complaint after cogent efforts was written down. The copy of the same was another issue, leaving all the things and details aside. The person who was trying to fight for all this the cops themselves tried to take him out of the train. Why? You are doing that to the commoners. The so called ‘boxer’ was settled in another wagon wherein an officer guaranteed that shall not be able to leave the wagon and create any more mess.

Out of all the government machinery army or defence in general; is one of the most reputed organisations in India. Is this to be expected from the defence personnel’s? This is just one of the instances. Traffic signal hopping and jumping over the signals is like a fad, the traffic signals are meant to be followed, even if the roads and empty which really does not happen much. The cops catch up while talking on the phone and jumping the signals and the usual thing to the cop “you know who my father is?” At times it is like I wish to ask don’t you know who your father is? But keeping these aside, the gist is who else is above the law? As far as I know Ambulance, fire brigade and police in case of emergency are allowed to jump signals where are all these newbie’s coming up from?

Few find joy and are proud of jumping signals and getting free. So now if I recall the corrupt politicians who cannot be charged are above law, the nippers of a son of a gun is above law, the so called people with some political connection is above law,  any law strictly applied in an organisation is an atrocity to the people in quota’s; obviously they are above the law, the billionaires with frauds and scams are free and above law, the big gangsters with some hanky panky contact is out free on the roads obviously above the law, the defence (yes I agree they have a different law that is applicable to them only) but still. There is a list that has come to surface of the people / bodies / commoners / un-commoners that are above the law. 

Not to forget the least the police, who act as the custodians of the law; whose primary responsibility is to maintain law & order nay to say; well let’s not get in to the details. Who else is to be added to the list any suggestions? A lot of people would not turn up to say that Foxtrot Union Charlie Kilo law I will break it as well; but let me remind you my friend. The one who can complain about it is the one who have followed it. You stop your vehicle on the signal and others would follow you. Everybody’s responsibility is no one’s responsibility. People look for a leader, be the change to see the change. Abide by the law so that others are compelled to be under the perimeter of the law of the land. Either by choice or by force. 

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