Thursday, March 4, 2010

I wish I could die

I can’t think of anything else, anything better, it is what I am feeling right now, I don’t have grudges against anyone, I don’t have feelings to stand and fight for anyone anymore, I just fell I should, I should die……………………………

Powerful, flawless, trustworthy, betraying, hopeless statements, yes just statements, that makes us take such decision, the ego to prove the point, does not matter if it costs their lives, a lot of people say I want to die, cause they have not risen up in the morning to see the rising sun, but stood there at the dusk to see the sun set. Never helped anybody in life, when needed but cried all the time for not being helped, others land up saying all my life, all I have done is given up to somebody for something so I have nothing to give but to give my life, I have a question did you actually give or you just gave that you thought should be giving, it might be everything from your end but all that the other person needed was two good words to be said, then done, at time, did you do that ??? majority the answer is no, we just did what we felt should be done, without taking into consideration exactly what the other person needs and then saying I cant live anymore, I cant give anything else(boss all you have done is all you did, lost in your own world without trying get out of your cocoon but yes you want to die, so I would not complain much).

Another a very positive way of leading life try to die once and live life like an emperor always, what a life, I could say think again they would treat you like god n goddess but you are not even close to it, they would not make you unhappy out of love but would not do it either out of fear or guilt, you say you leading a life I would say leading a life on the empathy pieces thrown by others, to the extent, that would only fear them and you would laugh over their sheer love for you,(well I would not complain much cause you want to die, I would not give you that, what you are worth of).

It takes only 3 seconds before you decide do you really wana do it, think about it this way, you are standing at the top of heighted unconstructed building near the big window, suddenly something grips into your head and you jump, the result is obviously known, you would say this act is insane, those 3 seconds decides what is sane and what is insane, but by the people this insane act is done to prove that they are sane(but what’s the point you are dead), this is now a days the in thing probably, students facing difficulty to move ahead with the examination, mature people out of so called monetary issues, love birds just to prove their points, hell no you just proved your point but you are dead and now you cant do anything about it, my quest is why to waste your life, which is not worth anybody else could not deal, understand, attach or detach from you, hell no this is not what life is all about(well I would not pursue you much cause you wana die, obviously you think it will sort all the issues I would not say much to pity on you)

It is courageous to commit a suicide, cause you could see yourself and still beg for more, but it is all the more courageous to live it and live like nobody else could have thought for you, be there to see the sun rising rather then forgotten under eclipse of sunlight, you would not be remembered, you would not be thought about, you would not be what everybody thought once upon a time that you are, you would not get to live what you could have, if you were just alive.

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  1. Honestly I loved the perspective on facing the world and making a difference rather than giving up on life !
    As ..Shakespeare exclaimed in Julis Caesar"Cowards die many times before death its the Valiant who tastes death just once"..So Kudos ...Very well written !

  2. good thought provoking blog...i liked it...