Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Smoke, thinking and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

Somebody is watching me; somebody is reading this; someone is go na make something out of me after reading this; something might go wrong; someone might not really think good of me; this something is not fair; what if that someone does not like me. Storming (Verb) someone or something is not that really important. Think about it you see your face in the mirror! Is this the face you wana see or this the face you think people should see it? If it is something or someone what about it?

Perception is killing; perception is alive how far are we ahead to unlearn to learn? You know what ‘everything is personal’ everything we see, hear and understand is personal the way you interpret is personal only the way you publicise is not yours; sadly that is what we call personal! Think about it.....

Nay to say how many times this has crossed over my head that you might not like to read it that way? But I changed the script, nay to say was that really me yes but probably only a part of it, rest was you! Conscious is abrading; perception is abrading; thinking is abrading; soul is abrading! Cause it is not just about you, but it is about me. Let’s not start to be judgemental I am not here for; for and against of something, someone but somehow there is more to abrogate. As a child you knew you could reach the stars; you have been on them in your dreams, now we tend to dream also what is practical (a practical joke it sounds). No offences it is you, your dreams, your wish but sadly you can’t even control the dreams! What is the fuss about then?

I exhale but do I have to or do I want to, too much thinking is too much cloud of smoke in the air, you cannot see clearly and you cannot breathe clearly. We try first; having a few hiccups than get used to the smoke and then can’t live without it, deep down there is an ash cloud forming within! What are you go na do about it? Defence mechanism working on you, now to get rid of it we do it some-more, might help, brains ‘yeah it is’; your heart tell ‘no its not’ and you take the easy way out of it keeping doing what is, easier! The other side of the coin; pushing yourself into the corner is also true, brains ‘no its not’ heart ‘yes it is’ you take the easier again. There is nothing easy and nothing difficult just you and me clinging and holding it to the throat, making it easier or.......

I remember this all the time, “I cried about the pain in my leg, till the time I saw someone with none” but do we need to always see someone else pay for our happiness think about it....being alone thinking about something really something that is WTF (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, LOL!!! you know what it is) thinking smoke in the air; smoke in the brain. Go to the next room stop for a sec and recall all you were thinking in those 5 minutes (trust me you won’t recollect the half of it) this is what our, personal time we are wasting on! Something we can’t even remember; needless to say how much does it matter anymore (this is no rocket science).

But now I am thinking, thinking about OMG (Oscar Mike Gold) how much time I have wasted, never mind this is not the end of the world; we still have something left right, whatever it is, make the best out of it now, there is no returning back; there is no way you can change, the damage has been done; the ship has sailed away now it would be better to collect some woods and lit the fire before it is dark, cause you might cut yourself than the woods if you wait for the dawn to take over you. Difficult to do hard to believe but give importance to those who matter to you; not just anybody and everybody you think should think about you.

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