Sunday, April 10, 2011

A man’s land in no man’s land

We always look for something similar, something known, something usual it is in our nature to do so as the existence since yore; even before it came into existence for humans to abide by. Lost in thoughts; lost with destination and the road seems vault to say the least! The crowd seems to grow over and around but even moving a step ahead is losing the only place you have or you think you have in the crowd, the question of losing in the crowd does not upheaval anymore; cause that has already happened!

The sane vanity of mind is punitive the existence itself is at a questionable stake; then one sloshed night alone in darkness lit all the things you never thought about incidences, people, crazy facts like a infant smiles 400 times than an average human being what? Exactly remembering that why this? Why now? and then WTF? You burst out laughing. People whose whereabouts unknown suddenly brighten up in your head as the last you had seen them. Incidences that are like OMG yeah that did happen!

Everything coming back; seems that was like in a vault; rather the existence was unknown until it came up as 70mm motion picture. Then oh! Ok the vivid memory getting affected by the unnecessary disturbance of the consciousness taking over; the dicey dumbstruck me in the utmost confusion to which way to re collect the ones with crazy facts or the one that has something more concrete to think about? Happens; happens and then you know shit happens you chose the things at stake to think about than random stuff running through your head!

Tete e tetes starts within, again the timing is just so perfect that you have to just; just wait for it to happen to come out or to conclude or to end but the good control earned by consciousness over the years can really act smart and swift; making you forget that something existed; I am sure you have faced this funny situation in life when you know that something was there but you can’t re collect it, like the dreams; 90% of the dreams are lost after 15 minutes of getting up yeah! Yeah! Yeah! One more crazy fact; the brain is loaded with all the relevant information about the most irrelevant things, crazy brain. Stodgy it is to let it go and to keep it in the throat.

Quaint what else to say reason cause you know that something was there even if cannot be recalled it was there need not explain it cause you know. Welcome to the man’s land in no man’s land! The macrocosm of something known but to prove the existence to the conscious unknown; the whole idea is to understand the state of comatose of attachment to relevant things, important things, priority, issues, probably everything that a sane person should think about, the attachment to think beyond that itself feels scary! As if something would happen if we did not think about it for a second.

The gist to find a way to attach to get detached from the never ending brainy calculations of the head; to losen up in life, a small little story I had read a couple moved into a rented house, over the dining hall the window overlooked at the neighbours balcony. The neighbour dried the laundry in the balcony the wife would complain that our neighbour does not know how to have a clean laundry, these conversations over the breakfast to which the husband heard but nothing to reply to kept quiet; next week again the same conversation struck about the laundry with spots on the clothes, wife furious for some reason stating that I should go and probably tell her how to have a clean laundry, the husband kept mum; next week to wife’s surprise the clothes dried were clean, she mentioned over the breakfast again that it seems our neighbour has a clue to have a clean laundry to which the husband replied I cleaned the windows while you were sleeping.

It is easy to find faults with everything and anything the question is; are our windows cleaned?

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