Thursday, June 2, 2011

Think before you support! especially.....

Enlighten me with practicality is my cry launching a complaint, if proven wrong you go to prison OMG get a life I better pay the bribe and relax in life right, well that is the fact and that is what is going to happen, hanging the corrupt; you and I know how many have ever been caught, forget about taking them to prison to relax on our tax payed money forget about of hanging them (get them at least to prison) and then we can talk the talk.

Hindi being the language of communication hello! you asking to reinvent the wheel! you want to say brainy heads should change to language that is like never before used in terms of their whole life education? What is the major point people want to support that corruption should be eradicated that is need not funny laws and creating supremacy by bringing in topics which are not even relevant to a commoner.

Why can't you change to english? the world speaks it and I guess the guru does not understand that the reason so many Indians are abroad and performing technological progress around the world is cause they could communicate! Are we talking growth or trying get back to the stone age?

Why are leaders so interested in the commoner life when they dont even know what are the issues? Making legislations and making sure the public has to break it has become a norm. Remember the legislation no smoking in public places streets etc.... is that possible ? No Why? no smoking areas! then what break the law. Are you trying to make some kind of joke of the legislation.

Please stop bullying people! Get the corruption eradicated in phases and practical solutions and not (Super - Man) solutions. Denying the facts is not going to change anything confronting problems with honest solutions for the betterment is going to. Please concentrate on the core issues, the actual problem the commoner already has his/her issues to be sorted out, Language, religion, caste and creed, being the least on their minds.

Dont talk about culture to us please, two things a it is democracy I have the right to decide whatever I want to speak, I want to learn, I want to follow please dont mix up things( it is 'I') b the ones who have made it do not exist to see the things that have changed over the ages, I mean no disrespect I mean lets be practical and the ones who want to follow anyways are free to do it RIGHT!

P.S. The quota system in Indian constitution was established for only 10 years after the enactment of the constitution, we still have it, but even my maths is bad but I am well over decades to know how many are 10 years. Stop bullying, stop exaggerating, stop trying to get leverage by the people who dont know the facts or trust you too much to believe in you, stop letting down my country, stop forcing me to believe it is not the golden bird anymore, stop making issues and please solve the issues.

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