Monday, May 16, 2011

The writer of my life.....

Amazing, awesome, filled with surprises, the best I would have imagined, heart warming; sad, sorrow, betrayal, the worst I have ever known, painful, hurt, whisky tango foxtrot, it is a complete mess. The writer of my life has written all of this for me. It is so easy to be carried away with good, with the best, with the perfect solution, with getting obsessed! It is learning with wrong, with pain, with faults. No matter what we do, the limitation of words only seem to be present when it is going great, when I am happy; that is the reason there is a saying “I have no words to say how happy I am” contrastingly the words to define when something is not your way or is wrong; the limitations don’t arise at all. Looking even to start of the paragraph you would understand what I am talking about.

What was I thinking when all this was being written to me! You know what I was gladly saying ‘bring it on’ I will handle it. So here it is all on me! Let’s try cribbing about it, you know and I know does not help, does not work probably making us land in a situation or speaking something that we might actually repent later on; and you know how it works you do good and after a week it is all forgotten, you do bad and people would pass by your grave and wish that you would just come out of it for a while; just to remind you that you did was not right.

Let’s try something new, let’s increase the cordiality with life! When the best is done write it on the stone and when the worst performed write it on the paper. It is actually difficult to practise but easy to explain. I am not trying to be sadist here but we or let me put it ‘I’ cause I believe you are the perfect one no offenses. I have been doing just the opposite one writing the good on the papers and bad ones on the stone. Result outrageous the good remains only till the time the papers are not misplaced, burnt or too old to even touch it, with piles and tones of dust over it; whereas all the amazingly painful things I have been writing on the stone, at the top of it I try to carry them OMG trust me they are heavy also the experience is different cause now I know it could have been worse or is worse but scribing on the stone and writing it all back over again is not go na happen! So one more stone increasing the burden I already have Wow! This is sadly awesome right!

The deal is writing the good on the stone and making a point to write all the good; as it is not go na fit in small or slightly bigger ones so we engrave it on the rocks, reason being I should be happy and proud of what I have achieved but not attached to it, otherwise the demons ego start to arise. Whereas all the wrong; all the shit that is happening and happened in life written on the paper, why? Simple you can refer back to it carry it much easily and make amendments to know something new or better or just the loophole to get out of the shit mess that you have landed up in. If the same thing is engraved on the rocks a. You have to go to the same place to find it again and again even if you are not carrying it (cause nobody wants to carry a bunch load of them). b. The effort is too much to amend or write again (lazy me would let it be as it is) for the good or for the bad result the lesson learnt after the experiences is lost and we! Oh sorry ‘I’ am at square one again.

There was a chance I had an opportunity to change the original writing then the answer was ‘bring it on’ now the writer is me and all I can do it make the best out of it of whatever it left with me. It is easier to complain than to fight; easier to crib than to reason, easier to console than to console oneself, easier to forgive than to be forgiven, easier to give up than to compete, easier to die than to live and live the life you want, cause not matter what you say everything happening now is just the consequences of what you wished and wanted in your life to be.

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