Saturday, March 12, 2011

A year more to life!!!

I have added years to my living or reduced a year of life from my living? I remember this asking to my class teacher when I was in fifth grade, she had the most amazing answer to me even then, she said it is happy birthday cause you look at the bright side of the life to what you have achieved. Years have passed and I still remember her saying that. How astute have I become? Is the question pioneering me or am I even close to it!!!

It is brawl all around in the head inside, silence is standing right with me outside. Looking ahead which was looking like bewitched besieged I decided to look from my early ages to me now, suddenly there floods of memories and incidences and everything gushing into your head good and bad, awesome and awful all just running through my head. Difficult times would surpass that is one gist I could come up with not because it is me; because it has happened before and I could overtake it as a challenge and I have done it. Lacking the same zeal and enthusiasm to do the same am I trying to re invent the wheel? Well that is something I would not like to re invent then.

The party was great, now when the party is over it is yes I have faced challenges and dealt with it, been there done that; but now today is a new day and it is ongoing process, it is amazing how much paradox is there right in your head nay to say it can lead to better-meant or bitter-meant I have decided it would be better. Oh great finally the resolution has come into existence but it is not only about making up resolution but also implying it.
Blithely have the new norms to see things, but it is going to be tested and tested day after day and if the capricious tries to take over I will have to put my foot down and take a stand. It is like speaking to yourself telling yourself that you would survive and let that be the fact that yes I would survive I would accomplish not cause I am over confident but it is a possibility I have learnt from experience. As all the years added up to me has made me camaraderie looking ahead and facing a bit more than indefinite times should not determinate my earned fortune.

Look at the bright sun it has a lot of energy to reenergise the mind and soul feel it, listen to the birds they have music to share, open the windows and breath in alveolus as much as you can, it tells you, you are alive, look yourself in the mirror and believe in what you are; not what people want or have made you to believe in, make friends, meet people they all have stories to be learnt from, live honest cause no lies lives forever and remember I will survive.

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