Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fact of love life


            Tera mera yeh nata kyu tuta

Tera mera yeh Pyaar kyu rutha

Aadhi baatein, aadhuri raatien reh gayi tere bina


Tere bina sehna na sakunga

Tere bina Jee na sakunga


This is a lovely song from the movie Dil kabadi called Ehsaan I am sure a lot of you must have heard it, this songs is for the all people who have lost in love and still question why, how, when, how can I forget it. I tell you something we need to forget it no matter what happens how much you are into it or you were into it, cause at the end of the day the other person really moves ahead in life and by the time you realize it, that you should give it up it is already too late, too late to justify yourself and your wait, your love and then when you know you have lost it, you cannot accept it, why, cause it is human nature not to accept your own defeat consoling sessions from friends and hanging out with friends is a momentary drug given for the momentary relief for the pain.



So you think I am here to give you nasty ideas of getting over your past mistakes and ruined relationships, I am so glad to say no, I am not cause I am no one honestly I am no one in any others persons life, cause your happiness is yours at the end of the day and your defeat it only yours, the gesture is to accept it that yes I am defeated not that you should feel low, guilty and frustrated about it, which I know you cant help cause you feel that ways, but the point is that you let it go, now that is the most difficult part in life.


What do you think it is so easy to forget it, is it some kind of data on the disk, that a click and here it is deleted, I know you must be thinking this but my friend the deal is that we should learn to live with it, what ??? now what is this, I know you must be thinking this, but listen to this, when ever you go to a hospital there is a typical smell in the hospital when you enter, agree now after 5-7 mins have passed you still in the same hospital but you don’t smell the smell, try it out observe it, you wont smell it again until you move out of the hospital and come back again.


So is the case with ruined relationships until you stop thinking about it, stop giving your utmost attention, stop giving it importance, stop asking your friends for the latest updates, till that date you will never be able to get over it, until and unless you are in a mood of self destruction, that is another way people have come out with, Yes! Amazed but true when you cannot destroy the world around you (which the case 99 % times) you start destroying yourself with as many possibilities you can think about.


See cause you have hurt somebody does not mean that world will not hurt you, first thing and the second one if you are hurt trust me there is something better coming up, cause till  then all you are doing is learning to ride a bi cycle, you fall, get hurt, get bruised, but if you don’t get up and start riding again you would never learn to ride the by cycle and talk with the winds, also remember it is ok to know what went wrong that you fell, but understand this if you would only think what went wrong, it wont help cause a relationship is made up with two individuals and their individuality so if it has happened like this, it might not happen for the second case but might be something new, so try to stick to the short comings accept and live life like nobody has ever lived and love like there is no tomorrow.


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  1. some gr8 analysis u have done on relationships , im impressed..... very well written...wish there was more to it than just a blog. more practical things ...SELF DESTRUCTION IS A SIN, i beleive it too....somewhere we think alike :) ...cheers to ur writing keep up the good work.