Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I still cant do it...

Look out of the window and there you see is beautiful weather(not always but today I can), you can go out and even dance in the rain, but you still can't do it.........No it is not about somebody would say something, it is about that.........that one perticular feeling that is missing, that feeling that we all had in our childhood but now something is lost,

The pleasing breeze that comes from the window and the daylight turns into late evening, the rain starts, but instead of welcoming the rain drops, we close down the window with the breeze......there are so many things we stop. Exactly we just stop, when we try to recall no reason to say as in why did we stop, I guess I have an answer !!!(yeah I can think at times) it is all about the feeling that we left behind while growing up.

Fine I would give you my own example, I wanted to write I knew I had so much happening and so much to share but I did'nt and I myself was unable to understand the depth of losing out on small, tiny, little things....untill I started losing my head out, the reason being nothing(No I am not sick, maniac or something) it is that I know that I am missing out something in life, I am not very clear of what all I am missing out, but yes I accept that I have lost something that I had when I a small little spoilt brat in the house.........they always say that grass is always greener on the other end and it is so much true ? why simple when I was a child I always thought it is so cool when you grow....now when you are grown up you think wow it was so cool when you were young I mean really really young (What a confused soul)'.

No but trust me it is so funny, we have made our lifes so jam packed(I wish it was a fruit jam though, anyways jokes apart) that we have stopped laughing, not even a cute smile(I know you are smiling now "GOOD") even talking we talk on the mobile phone so much...but all business and when it comes to home we have hardly to even chit chat, Amazing!!! (Then we say life sucks pardon my language) I will share a secret but dont tell this to anyone even I have started hearing this "You don't talk anymore, you are quiet, you dont even laugh on a funny thing in the movie" so it is ok we all are or were or will be passing through this phase. The point is, like everybodys says for today's generation "Now, Fast, Easy" how much now, fast or easily we can let this phase go and come back to life we actually wanted, a happy life.

And after all this I have written and you have read, I guess we can change the title to I still can do it....

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