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Why do parents love their children, why there is why behind love, why, behind a good deed for some one else, why the anticipation that something has to be done in return of something, the why factor that works out the simplest solutions to ones problems in life and at the other end makes life a living hell, lands in self pity immoral stage of morality cause all you could not answer is that why.


Why is love sacred after marriage and curse before, why a 7 year old boy had to perform the rituals on his own dad’s dead body cause they were rituals, why we stand to our ego so much that you might win the argument but break the relations or at least an irreparable scar for the whole life, why waiting for the time when the time does not even intend to wait for anything and anybody  The why has an end less list as to answers we have, the point is why do we even try to answer this why is it psychological, is it immaterial, is it cause he have asked to? or deeper somewhere with our soul.


I cant myself answer all these questions but I try to at times, then I re collect some wired answers I had heard, why do parents love children cause when they grow old their children will love them, it is their responsibility, so save themselves from guilt of not performing the duties towards their parents and so why them. What about the parents who have thrown their children away when they were born and never bothered to look back and then what about the children who are parasites to their parents when growing up and then don’t even bother to think about them when they are old and try to give maintenance to their parents, that is as much as the cost their parents paid for their diapers when they were young.


Why is love called immortal when the practicality of life such as status, money, tragedy to physical well being, obsession is just so mortal. Why to expect is justified why is giving not justified without expecting anything in return. Why people with no integrity, no self conscious can live their lives as peacefully as some one who never compromised on their principles, does that make a difference to when look themselves in the mirror or a remedy the people have found out who tend to live to up their principles the remedy being the self conscious.


I had heard, there are three sides to a thing your side, the other side and the right side, irrespective of the right side why we run for either sides which have no significance after the discussion is over. The question is not why do we ask so many questions in life the point is when even we know the answer to this question do we act over it? Do we accept it? Do we go with the conscious or kill it.


If money could buy happiness why are the rich not happy, so you think that having an obsession and achieving that obsession is going to make you happy(I don’t think so cause human is greedy) think about it again.


The reason to write this is not create a panic not to bring in some kind of moral, social, ethical awakening cause it either exist or it does not. Not transfer your attention that does not exist it is not important the reason is there is conscious and there is sub conscious you can take care, run away, suppress or dis approve of your conscious what about your sub conscious can you challenge that, can you even think to dominate that, it is just not into your hands it is as impossible you trying to count the number of times you blink your eye lashes and all the more control the number of times you wink,

The reason is immaterial cause what is apple for me is apple for you, but what is fragrance to me might be smell to someone else, all the more it is not important to know all the answer to these questions, it does not matter I repeat it does not matter, what matters is are you aware of the questions. Love, affection, happiness, anger, frustration, being low are just feelings that cannot be expressed with the in capabilities of words in any language, they are far more than aggressive to the limitations of words, do we accept that there such things called feelings.


It is not important to what we feel after reading this, the point is do we feel after reading this, it is not important to justify yourself to others, can you justify your own self cause everything is mortal and so is why, life cannot be life cause you have answered all the why’s but when you know the importance of them in life.


Please feel free to criticize, comment, appreciate this might help you and me to understand the reason why.




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