Monday, October 12, 2009

How life could be……

Life seems such a struggle at times I mean see the contrasting needs, requirements of life, for example, money definitely not the most important thing to get happiness but we want it so much, which has no bounds. They say happiness cannot be bought but still money can make us happy. We don’t want to hear from god much, when we are fine, but we do remember him a lot when in pain, even try to remember him in our whisper as he was answering, everything at times we wish to have our ways, what I guess and you may agree with it, is that we wish it not at times but everytime, everyday every hour and hours put to together to get what we want.

Our maximum wants are materialistic and the super souls say that happiness would not come from the materialistic world, the most confusing point is if materialistic world is not go na give us what would enrich our lives, which help to find the moksha in life, why are we running or rather taught to run for the materialistic gains only, now here is more of the confusion, later on the super soul does not end saying only that, but also stating that we should have both of it to live into this materialistic world, wait a minute you had told me that before, me started running for golden lining and now when me on the path to earn the golden lining, you telling me that I should have also gone for personal front as well which is definitely immeasurable, so we don’t even know how much to go ahead, but now it is late. I have lost all my family suppers to meeting and agreements and now everything I have is meetings and people to greet n meet for work and my work and their work it is all about money and work, the super souls have put me into a mess. Now can I ask you a question does blaming anybody(including the super souls) can get you back that time? That love? That life which you have already lived? Think about it.

I can bet on this the answer is NO and it would always be a no, not because you wanted it this way but because you cannot do a thing about it. (Oh but I have already done that and at the top of it, you telling I cant undo it, anything of it how thoughtful !)

Well no matter what you say, what you think, what you do, you cannot turn back time and your mistakes. Then what? There is a last door that you can look forward for and that is start taking responsibility for every act that you have done, start taking the responsibility not only for the good that you have done, but also the bad that you might have committed knowingly or unknowingly it does not matter( yes it does not matter you have done it you need to be responsible for it) is this all about making me sad? no it is about that we stop complaining and the life would make you feel a bit better, a bit more productive and a bit more meaningful cause meaning to our life is all that we are here for and we need to make the most of it, so try to stop complaining start taking initiative to our deeds, even if end that is inevitable only seems to be a solution do it with best note as it could be.

Lets be fare to all souls and ourselves, more importantly ourselves so that we can be honest with others as well, lets live with our mistakes and rejoice with its achievements that could not dissociate from ourselves to be good humans. Let the sunrise and sunset be mine, let the pure and evil be mine, let the subtle wind and storm be mine so that there I could move ahead of the mirage and reach the waters in the desert in the walk of life, called life.

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