Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I fail to shatter

Is it really me? Is it actually happening to me? Am I worth this after all I have done? It can’t be real! Then it all starts to break into pieces and life, suddenly seems to be labyrinth, meshed structured, scary place stuck in; with the longing for blood to stop flowing through your veins. As it is fact that these things actually happen and if a human being can be destroyed; it is when he is lost from within. It is no hidden secret that it happens, when we allow the power of massacring ourselves in the fragile hands of another person to whom it is otiose; if not anything more, which more or less lands up to be a bad deal, altogether. The yore passed shall never be at your disposal again.

There is nothing about the past that can be changed but you know what? It is not the past that is more important but the time now, from the time of enlightenment that all you wanted is destroyed, you try to put things together and they catastrophic. I am not trying to sound wry and I do not suggest becoming a wayfarer on the hunt of another fragile hand to deal with the broken pieces of your life and turning vindictive to the whole situation is only suggesting the power of other person over you and your own self, difficult situation well honestly life is not fair and can never be.

I could see it, the era of the end was about to begin, visceral, I only avoided it, trust is mutual and it is there or not there, it does not come in size, shapes or measurable quantities similarly once broken will put you in doubt for your life, and the invisible fences created with doubt would arise for that person; leaving you inside the cage; not that person for whom the cage was built not for any anybody else on this earth, those still thinking for revenge let me suggest you, you can restrict the moves of the other person but you cannot restrict the feelings a person may have for someone else a double demolition plan to even think to earn back. The smallest crack has been the reason for bringing down the biggest dams; and nothing would change the fact.

‘leave’ the most unthought idea is actually to leave it then and there, let not the other destroy you not just to satisfy your ego but for to avoid the other taking control and increasing your grieves leaps and bounds; cause if togetherness was even, ever thought about; it would not have landed you with confrontation with butchery of your trust. Welcome to scheol where feelings are not felt and emotions not understood, you think you are part of this part of the terra firma or still left with some life within to be lived. Love shall never stymied your growth and prosperity; if it does, it was not love; if it was not love why to curse yourself for something that did not exist.   

Leave no doubt but leave for the good, let pity be not scattered over you nor loss be misjudged for your ability and appreciate the life still to live. Unscathed be the new you and even the thought of breaking down never sojourn you. Let nostalgia be for the past not even morsels recalls; decide not to shatter and suddenly life would be tryst with the self.

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