Sunday, February 13, 2011

Status quo ante bellum with soul

Latin is the title for which the English definition shall say “the state in which things were before the war with soul.  Allow me to make blunt assumptions, which may be agreed at large; soul exists and small little voice asking you to do the right thing and when in confusion gives you direction; called ‘gut feeling’ be your inner voice (not too much to ask for). Altruism is the thought followed by many and performed by few; understanding the difference between egoism and altruism seems like finding fresh water on the sea shore, but an optimist would not deny the possibility; as coconut does have fresh water found near the sea shore, pessimist you always have reasons!!!

            Where does it lead to finding fresh water? Actually it is not that different as well, the sanity of mind is annihilated with the ardent of expectations. Holy smoke is my expectations too much to expect for? Think again is it really too much to expect for or because it is your expectations it is a justified expectation; the indifference from making the difference could save you from atoning wrong doings. The expectation is hope for something better, something new, something desirable; these expectations are a source of energy for uplifting your spirits when the destination looks to be too far and sense of defeat seems ubiquitous. We forget! It is human nature to forget not to deny each coin has two sides and human being; personifying forgetfulness is only one of the many blessings in disguise, or else I would have remembered everybody on this face of the earth who had hurt me (or presumed tried to hurt me).

            What is justified expectation? There is nothing that is absolute right and absolute wrong, I feel not ashamed of sharing the fact that that I am also a part of finding the absolute truth, to have the absolute judgement until then we are all walking in a direction; expected to lead us to a goal, the reason for our arrival. Well expectations from oneself is justified; expectations from the world would bring in chaos, unrest, uneasiness, reasons to doubt and if fulfilled by the world to even some extent; might give us a high and urge to live on the false addiction of living a conscious life. This is not by choice, many a times we may fail to recognise that there is a choice to be made; but as we are very adaptable to situations, we are also adapted to be accepted by everybody around us. The acceptability is also an expectation and when it is not fulfilled the ego would arise from somewhere 
only to lead us nowhere, by the time it may come to conscious, it is time for the atonement.

            The soul cries out to stop before it is too late the ego would make sure the massacred has happened leaving no scope to turn back making sure the soul is buried as well in the ad infinitum depth of the darkest trenches. In this war the soul would lose cause if somebody would stop from hurting you is only yourself everything else would eliminate you. Let not; the high take over the well being of the soul, let not; the expectations and acceptance from others let you off the shore, let not; the desires take over your happiness. As nothing is worth jeopardizing your peace, your sanity of heart and soul, your trust in your own self; to self esteemed desirous expectations and someone else’s acceptability; as the such expectations may not see the light of tomorrow but surely you would lose the credibility of making it to call for a day.  

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