Saturday, July 24, 2010

Free will or destiny what can I change….

Let me make a few statements, your call, your point of view is completely justified. Your “Free Will” shall lead you to your “Destiny” and “Destiny” can be changed with your “Free Will”, “Destiny” is capricious, does it sound logical? I will be able to understand that, if the statement makes you feel like wayfarer. I guess you may agree, that we have made ourselves acclimatized to get used to, with the circumstances or let’s put it again, we have get accustomed to compromise, with the small little talk. To bring it to surface, we had when we were young, we were true to ourselves. Now, we let the small talk have the careened walk, which would not interrupt the selfish self. The small talk has disappeared in between the claxon all around us.  What is this got to do with “Free Will”?

Let’s take an example: you are sitting in a restaurant, the food was ordered. The “Daal” was not that great, you yelled at the waiter, that was the first thing you did. He went in changed in the dish brought it back to you. Now it was cold, so you yelled back and poor guy rushed in, you derisive him, for no fault of his. He goes back, while coming from the kitchen and your table, he simply spits in it!!! Your enjoy the meal, completely satisfied with what you have got. Would you have eaten, it if you would know actually, what happened between the kitchen and your table. Let’s move ahead, the drinks were high on you, after splendid dinner you start driving carelessly, cops pull you back. They could smell the liquor, you had a few arguments, the cops take you the police station. You yell out big names, curse the whole system. Somehow you manage to get out of the station, start driving back again, a open man hole appears, not realizing, you take your car over it. Now the car is damaged, the tyre is stuck. Your curse everything and everybody around it. Now you blame the whole issue as if errata written by god, called destiny. Is it your destiny? Didn’t you have alternative solutions right from the starting point to have a completely peaceful, pleasant night. Think about it? 

A few may question, what the waiter did, is that what should be accepted? I would say surely no, but that is not in your hands, one, secondly, he is using a “free will” in a similar fashion as you did. To spoil to the whole issue, he is building his own destiny, which would pay back, or if you have seen it, act as a bank and pay off his cheque, then and there(get him fired). Here also people would not do anything, cause first, it is not my business, secondly it is not my serving(forget it). But if it happened to you, you want the whole wide world, to say how much correct you are. Another question I drive slow and safe, still it had to be with me. Well two things, happen when people get into trouble they try to pull in whatever they get. The only way is to safeguard yourself, but in depth you would understand that, you did have the free will. How? Most of the times the soft little talk we avoid helps us to avoid hapless acts, avoiding to become hapless victims. If we would have just heard it.

Let’s put things back again, we start acting contrarians against our own self. To survive the logic, which would, reconcile with your destiny. You are the creator, of majority, I would not say all, but majority of the things, that happen to you. What is the rest, well that is your “karma” I wish to make another statement, hope you would agree to it. “As you sow, so shall you reap”, probably you may not remember it, it is not that happened in this sojourn, but some other sojourn. No man wants to be a sordid, the world may compel him to be. No man wants to be a perils, the world may compel him to be. I may recollect, we have become accustomed to blame the milieu, that we cannot take charge, forget for others, not even for ourselves. I agree the pressure in front of you, may be not even close, the frailty you may have to face. But let me bring forward some beautiful words I had read “When god solves your problems you will have faith in his abilities. When he does not solve your problems it means he has faith in your abilities.” It is a test that you have to pass with excellence, cause if not appeared for the test today, it would come back to you, there is no running away from it. It might, come only in a more crucial manner, if any less. 

The point here to remember is, you have had to act tough, you may have acted close to nemesis, to save your own self, justified. But what is important is to stay aloof from being bewitched with this act, again and again and again. You may reach the height of being acquired with all the power in the universe, it would be nothing more than an illusion, a myth that would lead you to being nothing more than a demented self.


It is important to save yourself, from getting harmed from some other person who could desolate you, for whom you have a disdain. But it is more important to save yourself from the habit of being saver of yourself in the name of being vindictive. It is in our hands. Would you pass any examination without studying? Would you reach well to your destination, without driving cautiously? Would you do any good to others, if you have a thief, or a false motive in your head? Think about it, there is a lot of things that “he” has empowered in us, use it to your liberty, it is your choice, be here as a friend or a fiend, but blame less to the world and more to yourself, suddenly this place would become a better place to live, not only for you but for everybody around you TRY IT, shall not cost you much.

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