Friday, July 2, 2010


Love is there or love is not there. It is as simple as Black or White and whenever we try to complicate love and try to make it gray trust me it not love. It is either adjustment or compromise, adjustment if the other person loves you and compromise if you love the other person but it not what love is.

There is a very thin line between love and infatuation, though thin but the distance is poles apart. Love is ad infinitum, infatuation comes with an expiry date. Love would never ever make you feel bereft, adverbs, adjectives, personifications, climax, metaphors nothing can explain love, cause either it is there or it is not there. You can only feel it, logics give you strength but heart only falls in love.

What happens when you are in Love?

A multi millionaire question apostles who understood it relished it all their lives, rest remained in the state called love but not love. I am sure you would have met many people in your life, probably just like the newspapers read every-day. You read the news everyday but do you even remember it after like two hours, try it, trust me you would not remember even the title of the articles you read, but you could remember a story that you had read days or months ago. How? That is the whole thing, there are people who we like and whom we don’t. It is there, that is what makes you remember them. You meet the person for the first time and you feel so comfortable with that person as if the person is known to you since archaic. Then there are others, even when they have not done anything wrong you just wana escape. I am sure you would have experienced this.

Language is I believe a very raw form of communication (what?) I can explain, love between friends is called love, love between couples is called love and love between family is also called love, what my point is at times language i.e. speaking out love is not enough, probably it is not enough to express your feelings cause feelings are felt and not spoken. Love is something that you need to make the other person feel, than brag about it. It is caprice yes it is a sudden desire and your second mind tells you all the time that this is “the person”, but we are so used to ignoring the poor chap, that even the strongest feelings of being in love with someone is suppressed and we move on to all the wrong infatuations, flings, heart broken relationships and stuff goes on and on and on.

Ok so how do we go about it? First thing is simple when in love you feel for the person. When in love conversations are not like ok what more do I talk? Is there anything else to talk about? I have told you everything right from my dinner, brushing up my teeth, my day how it was? No it is multitudinous feeling where time runs and things don’t end, it is not stupid conversation but conversation that does not make sense but take all the time away from your life and are very important. The person does not look hot or hunk. The person looks, warm or comfortable. When you touch the other person it not only brings down shivers down the spine, but it brings in that enliven feeling of togetherness. You just cannot stop holding hands, rains are not splashes of water anymore they are the droplets from heaven coming in as a blessing for being together and you just walk into the rain to feel it. You would touch the hands and wish never to let it go away, once you start touching it you begin to feel addictive to touch more, you just cannot stop holding each other. The words would not come out but the silence would make the other person understand it completely, appease the person. The sacrilegious feelings are taken over by sagacious you.

The warmth of the breath is still a distance felt, but only to comfort you and make the presence felt. People don’t fall in love but they rise in love, cause suddenly you start observing things around you, the colour of the trees, the romantic songs played on the radio. People who cannot stop being together, it is like a medicine for example you have to take a medicine every-day, so instead of only being reminded for it, you yourself take it cause you don’t wana miss a movement of your life that could have been spent together. Love makes you rise in life, no matter how turbulent the hurricane has been in your life, that one person would just stand by you and say, “I am here right here with you” and suddenly you would feel the rays of the sun coming from somewhere touching you in most subtle way and give you the strength to rise again. This is the power of love, it would make a king trusty for water and would make a commoner, the man of honour just if you have felt the true love. Trust yourself, trust the love and it does wonders above the world, dead is brought to live, darkness is shadowed with sunlight, the demons leaves and the angel takes over. This is what happens in love.

True love would exonerate your soul, would not limit to heart, body and brains, but would be present in your mind as the true companion, which is like the air you breath no matter how much you exhale you cannot stay without inhaling it again. When in love you don’t cheat not because you cannot or what would happen? It is because there is no one who would touch the soul to which the person did, you may not cheat that would be the muzak that would be played in your head, heart and soul. Being together would not be being physically together, cause love does not make you impractical or immature, but it surely shows you the path to walk, to attain glory, helps you to play the role in life on earth, which we all have to play by the virtue of being human beings. Love is comfortable it is like a shelter, a shelter which makes you forget all your worries, make you believe of being loved, feel the way you feel, where no problems would last more than seconds, where being in the arms of the person could bring peace to your darkest secrets, where eons would just pass by looking into the eyes of the person. This is love.