Monday, July 12, 2010

Rains affect visibility. Let it not stop you to reach to glory!!!!

            Ubiquitous the drops of water may seem, right there and there and here and everywhere just a few minutes back it was not there. Now it is everywhere. Let’s understand rains synonyms to feelings like anger, hate, awkward, ego, jealousy, so on and so forth, keeping in mind the negative ones, that hover the air of our brainy head, leaving no space, to land the signs of  “positivism”. Think about anger for a black cloud that is just out to burst, you were having a quarrel, you have lost your patience and the anger bursts, the dark cloud has busted, now the visibility is decreasing, the rains are taking over, the quarrel is not close to an end, because of the decrease in the visibility, you are losing it so much now. The weather is getting turbulent, as the quarrel is not stopping and you are unable to see, another dark cloud comes up “ego”, now cause there is more to pour in, the different charges show their presence, behaving as the role model for lighting, it strikes. The visibility is minifying, the lighting is striking just round the corner nearing you. You are afraid and frightened to lose it all, you really don’t want to fall apart, “how could you do that?” the ego asks. Forgetting the actual path and misguided by the lighting. The demons flare of light coerces you to led astray from your path, you had started walking.  

            The speed of the walk has decreased, the accusative endings are moving apart, the distance increasing as the poles. The bright pathway that we started walking, the road to acceptability, to a common goal as a whole, has washed away, with dark clouds and lighting. The immediate solution is better understood to run inside, search for the shelter and wait for the rains to clear. You do that and there is sun peeping out from the clouds after sometime. You actually thinking it is a point of escape? You move out only leaving the trails of running away, rather than enjoying the sun. Then round the corner, the sun is taken over by the clouds. Awestruck to yourself, you thought it was all over. The rains are slouching you with pain right in the face this time. You don’t know, either to run or to stay back and face it. After a few successions of experiences, hidden in the hiding shelters, all you think is to stay back and fight.  Why you want to fight back? The billionaire question. Well because you are damp inside to the core. The walk to home was not you looked forward for and the destination has lost it’s path. You face it making all the wrong moves. The shelters you opted before, were not the best ones. As rightly said “There are no free lunches” those shelters were by fiends and not by friends. There is something that they have taken away from you. Your morality and ethics are put to task at times, You know this is not what I walked into the shelter for? But you in debt to the temporary shelter you have been taking in, while running in the rains.

            You could bring this all to an end, but sun seems to be brightly shinning only in the fiend’s shelter. You are confused, you are guilty of being in those shelters, you want an easy path, you don’t know how to go back home and set things straight. You start turning from being a tree to the world, to be a parasite dependent of some other tree. Self confidence is shattered by assuming the humiliation you would face. All building up for the tornado. The clouds are densely populated not, all the negative forces start acting. Why all this is happening? This is not I wanted even if I didn’t knew what I wanted? This is not for sure. Stuck in your own vicious circle. The more you remain, the more your strength is taken over by demons telekinesis. You have to break free yourself and it is only you who can do it. If you need the shadow of the trees they are to be planted, nurtured, brought to life also by you to expect the shadow. The neighboring shadow can never be yours. As your soul cannot be into someone’s else’s body.

            What really the rains are for then? The first time it starts it’s a drizzle. It is phenomenon that will happen, cause it is the part of the nature. Understand the fact you cannot just cannot change the nature. You need to hold hand together look towards the sky and welcome it with open heart. Let it make you damp to the core but you don’t let the person fall apart. It is when the rains are heavy, leaving you with muddy grounds, you walk to the rivulets only to make the boats sail. Rejoice together for the accomplishments made together and not fighting individuality. You might feel low, apart broken, aloof if you struggle the rains alone, but being together, the same things will come to you as togetherness, company and faith to survive. Also to put it simply,  understand the fact that the rains would occur. You believing it not to happen, is a belief and when the belief is opposed, you bring in the rains. Also understand First what you belief is that true? Secondly you are just a small negligible part of the world which can be ignored. You are here to play a role, why spoiling it with your own hands, by fighting for the coverage to the whole play. If you have to even come close to juxtaposition to something valuable you have to accept the others too. Thirdly is it for the whole? or myth to the whole but for your own? When you keep these things in mind the rains would only pour in as a sign of acceptability and a welcome to unending happiness.

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