Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Them n They….

Firstly I am sorry for taking such a long break from writing trust me it was really hard on me as well.

I have landed to the first world, London city. Them and they really have a subtle difference or not at all to a few, but I felt the difference and thought to be shared. When we are they, we always look forward for becoming them. When we could not break the ice to become them we try to get submerged into they completely. Without giving a second thought, that once I wanted to become them. Let me put it to you again. We always want to become something else then what we are, we try and try to become somethingl, if we fail to do it, we become anti matter to it, considered you believe it to be matter.

What has happened? What is this all about? Well to be honest to express it, words fall short to describe. I hope you would all agree to me that feelings are best felt and not explained. A person would learn to drive only when he is on the wheel and not any way else possible. This is a feeling that I felt and felt and felt again only not to understand what it was. There is a difference between them and they, you just can’t become them because you want to or act or think, that by doing this you may land up becoming them, no it does not happen. They is what you don’t want to be, not because you can’t, because there is some indifference you wana make. Not sure of the indifference itself though, but it has to be something.

Misplaced identity crisis, how does that sound wired? Well so it be. So many thought just running my brains without making me reach to something concrete, something to be partial about. Then I wondered why I want to be either of them. The logic was waiting for it’s turn to come forward and say it aloud “Cause human being is a social animal” it always want’s to fit into some place fit into a shelter of comfort. The question is, is that wrong? No there is nothing right and nothing wrong will get back to it some other time. To find a shelter for your comfort zone is benign. Bewitched are we to find the difference between them and they, you would stop feeling it when you stop being they. I would repeat it for you, it is that we are so much stuck, clinging to be they, that we cannot accept them. We all want things to be our way, nothing wrong with that, but the point is, so does them.

It is easy to blame, difficult to accept the deficiency. It is easy to find out problems, difficult to find real solutions. It is easy to be them, difficult to understand that them are they as well. A walk down the street late in the night chilled breeze flowing through the ears, can send shivers or can give you a high. The perception would change only when you look it differently. The most important point here is what do you think for yourself. If you are a good human being it would come to surface. Them and they would not be able to stop you for long. If you are human, them and they would take you as in their stride. If and if only you are what you are, without being a pain to someone, you shall and you will overcome the difference between them and they.

Trust yourself, be the best you can be, do the best to your capability, keeping in mind the larger goal and not to fulfill the demons selfish desires and the world shall bow to you with respect and acceptance. Wait no soul, to tell you to wake up. Wait no foul, to ask for apologies. Wait no end, to ask for a start. Wait no good, to ask for appreciation. Wait no to die, to ask for your life back.

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